Will This Make A Difference?

There is a report that the guy who was with Michael Brown, Dorian Johnson, has recanted his statement concerning what happened just before Brown was shot. Recall that Johnson said that Brown had his hands up and that Officer Wilson shot him in the back.

We know this was false because the autopsy shows that all shots entered from the front.

Where Johnson has changed his story is the part about Brown attacking Wilson. Now Johnson says that Brown did get into a physical confrontation with Officer Wilson AND that Brown tried to take his gun.

This is from a radio station that indicates it heard from a connected source. I have not seen any confirmation of this so I can only say that it was reported but not verified.

My question is will it make a difference? Now that the race baiters have planted their seeds and now that the rioters have caused mayhem and now that Eric Holder is on his way to the scene will it make a difference? The people who are calling for the arrest (and worse yet, the execution) of Wilson will not believe any other story than the one that they first heard and first believed. They had to have a story that fit their narrative of racial targeting and oppression of the black man and that is what they will stick with.

If there are no charges filed against Wilson then Ferguson MO will erupt in such a fashion that the past week will look like a Girl Scout campfire.

It is also important to note that no matter what the evidence presented Eric Holder will file some kind of civil rights suit against Officer Wilson. Holder will disregard any evidence that would prevent him from targeting Wilson because Holder hates white people.

There are plenty of witnesses and evidence is mounting that supports the officer’s version of the event but this will not matter and all hell will break loose if Wilson is not charged, tried, found guilty and executed.

Nothing else will please the race baiters who have used this event to raise funds and register voters (and loot for free stuff).

The truth does not matter to the race industry. The agenda is what is important.

Perhaps people should have waited for the evidence before they went bat crap crazy…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Will This Make A Difference?”

  1. Blake says:

    The race baiters will always shoot their mouth off first and not wait for any facts, because they believe in Hitler’s and Obama’s mantra- tell a lie often enough and loud enough, and it becomes the truth.

  2. Vxnschatzee says:

    Nope, sure won’t make a difference. I said from the beginning that eyewitness statements are not only biased but unreliable and that the evidence would show where the truth lies. I think they had multiple autopsies because the family (and Holder) wasn’t getting the information that they wanted – definitive proof that this poor young soul was shot in the back while begging for his life. They went expert shopping. Unfortunately, evidence still has to be interpreted but any decent scientist will do so objectively and without consideration of the mess that may be caused by the revelations.

    I feel sorry for this officer. Not only because I don’t think he went out and said “Hey, I think I’ll kill some unarmed black guy tonight – won’t that be a hoot” but even more because the lynch mob is out and hungry and he is already on the platform. No one will care that he may have been struggling with Brown for his gun. No one will care that the officer has the right to protect himself. No one will want to hear about how this poor innocent soul just robbed a store and roughed someone up in it not to mention the fact that he was high (but pot just makes you mellow, right?). Anyway, even if this co-defendant (he was there at the robbery and assault, too) changes his story – no one will care unless it buttresses the argument that whites are racist and trying to keep this good man down.