Will This Be Another Trayvon Case?

The facts are not completely established in the Trayvon Martin shooting but the ones that have been produced clearly show that the uproar and race baiting that has taken place was unwarranted. It appears as if George Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense. Was Zimmerman partly responsible for what happened? Possibly so and that is why the legal system needs to be left alone to investigate and establish. What is not needed is a lot of hype, a lot of threats, and instigation, all of which have taken place from the race hustlers on the left and the militant, racist New Black Pansy Party.

In Birmingham a young black boy (13 years old) was shot and killed last Friday. The boy, Ja’Quares Cortez Walker (known as Little Tez), had his shirt wrapped around his head like a bandana and had a loaded and cocked firearm. He approached a car and ordered the driver to get out. The driver pulled a gun and shot and killed Little Tez.

Will this shooting result in the race hustlers amassing in Birmingham and calling for justice? Will this result in calls for more gun control and will the anti gun crowd call for an end to stand your ground policies?

A lot of this will depend on the race of the shooter as the hustlers only react when they can gain traction out of making things a race issue.

Other questions we need to ask are will members of Congress wrap their shirts around their heads like bandanas? Will members of the Congressional Black Caucus stand on the floor of the House and wear their shirts in this fashion? Will the race hustlers start wearing their shirts in this fashion like they did with the Trayvon hoodies?

The death of this young fellow is tragic. One wonders what kind of life he was living in order to commit an armed robbery at the age of 13. Who was he trying to impress and what was he trying to accomplish? Where were the positive adult influences in his life (or did any exist)?

While it is tragic that he was killed it would have been even more tragic had he murdered someone while committing his criminal act.

It is too late for him to learn because this lesson cost him his life. I can only hope that others will see this and decide that crime is not the way to go. Perhaps it will cause parents to look at their children and guide them in the right direction.

But that can’t happen if the race hustlers blame everyone else but the criminal and ramp up their manufactured race issues.

In other words, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the NBPP, stay the hell home.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Will This Be Another Trayvon Case?”

  1. Blake says:

    The stand your ground policy is a good one- it is too bad some people cant see that, and act like the bad behavior exhibited by (for example), Lil’ Tez- When you even pretend to try and rob or murder someone, is it a crime to protect yourself from “perceived” threats? Hell no! That is what I would do.
    Protecting oneself from threats is a natural thing to do, and if there are people out there who would NOT protect themselves and their family, then they have abdicated not only their balls, but their entire reason to be called human.
    The fault, in one, if not both cases, is that these kids thought talking tough, and acting tough meant they were tough. That was, as they found out, a false assumption. I have no pity for them- they made their choices.