Will They Say McCain Staged this to Scare Us?

Every time there is a major event and the threat level increases the Democrats claim that it is fear mongering. The Democrats make these claims because they know that America views them, and rightly so, as weak on national security. The believe that Republicans trump up threats in order to scare up votes.

Obama recently had the opportunity to show how he would handle the, dare I say it, 3 am call when Russia invaded Georgia. He gave three different responses form his Hawaiian vacation spot and each one was progressively sterner. He blew his chance to look like he had a clue and it is likely his poor performance led to his selection of Joe Biden as a running mate.

Now the Russian president is claiming that American missiles placed in ally countries close to Russia will elicit a military response. Russia is saying it will respond to us with military force because it does not like what we are doing in sovereign nations (with their blessings). The countries agreeing to missiles had been on the fence about them until Russia invaded Georgia. Then they decided they needed protection though the missiles will be there to deter threats from nations other than Russia (but could be used if Russia invades).

Russia is playing a dangerous game. They should think twice before they attack our interests or they might not like the response. The Russian president does not want a Tomahawk missile hitting his house.

Anyway, how long will it be before the Democrats claim that Bush and McCain manufactured the events in Georgia in order to scare Americans? How long will it be before they claim that the Russians are helping us by showing how weak Democrats are on defense? They have claimed crazier things.

Maybe if we are lucky we can get Obama to cut short his convention and go over to Russia and scream Hope and Change until they convert.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Will They Say McCain Staged this to Scare Us?”

  1. Reason says:

    I’ve already seen “Wag the Dog” claims from the Moonbats about Bush/Cheney/McCain.