Will They Admit They Were Wrong

Now that the Valerie Plame Joe Wilson story has been exposed for the fabrication that everyone with a brain knew it was, will the folks on the left admit they made a mistake? That is putting it kindly, of course, because these rabid moonbats were out for blood based on lies and innuendo. They carried the story all the time and prayed for Rove to be frog marched. But it was all a charade. The special prosecutor knew the source within a week and yet he wasted millions of dollars investigating.

The left was way out there on this one and it is because they are so afflicted with BDS that they will cling to anything to see something bad happen to Bush or his people. I am just wondering if this will be used as a political claim or not. I use to hear about this all the time when some donk was saying why I should vote for him but it has not been mentioned too much lately.

Keep an ear out and if you hear the donks using this on the campaign trail then call them on it and ask them why they are continuing a lie.

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