Will The Real “Election Fraud” Party Please Stand Up?

We’ve heard the whining and moaning from the Left over election fraud ever since the 2000 presidential election. We’ve listened endlessly while the Dems try to sell us their tale of woe — about how elections are stolen by the Republicans with their money, power and strategically placed personnel. It seems that there is little basis to their charges. No accusations were ever proven in the Bush/Gore race for the Whitehouse. The courts vindicated the Republicans for the few suits that were actually filed, although the NAACP did reach a settlement in Florida to revise voting procedures for that state.

In fact, research proves that currently Democrats are under more scrutiny and involved in more legal proceedings concerning election fraud than their conservative counterparts. If one focuses purely on MSM reports and ignores the blogs and web sites with obvious or implicit bias, the Democrat stories far outweigh those of Republicans. Interesting, don’t you think?

One of the most visible and hotly contested of these is the 2004 Washington State election for governor. Republican Dino Rossi originally was declared the victor in the race by 261 votes against Christine Gregoire. He was triumphant after a state recount by 42 votes. The Democrats requested another hand recount for which they paid. That recount gave the victory to Gregoire by 129 votes.

The Republicans have spent much of the trial documenting foul-ups in the vote-counting, most of them in King County: ballots that don’t match up with voters, provisional ballots counted without the required verification of voter eligibility beforehand, voting records that can’t be reconciled, ballots overlooked until months after the counting ended.

They also have pointed to hundreds of felons who voted illegally. That ought to be enough, [Republican lawyer Harry] Korrell argued. – by Gregory Roberts, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Regarding the Gregoire/Rossi race, the Republicans allege the following: 1,108 felons illegally voted; 49 dead people voted; 3 people voted in Washington and another state; 12 people voted multiple times; 174 provisional votes were counted but later found to be cast people who had already voted or were unregistered. The main point of controversy concerns heavily-Democratic King County where another 1,600 ballots are still in question: 875 more absentee votes were cast in King County than there were absentee voters; 95 more ballots in King County and 50 ballots in Whitman County were “found” after both recounts, and have never been counted; and, at least 660 provisional ballots were improperly counted.

Another big voting fraud trial is underway in East St. Louis, Illinois. The judge recently had to halt this trial because one of the main witnesses, Democrat Committee employee and FBI informant Dannita Youngblood, perjured herself in such an obvious and blatant way that the judge had to recess the trial so the court could regroup. She claimed she had never been interviewed by the FBI — a claim which stunned the FBI investigators that questioned her.

Five East St. Louis Democratic Committee leaders including Chairman Charles Powell Jr. and Youngblood’s former boss Kelvin Ellis, the city’s former director of regulatory affairs, are accused of trying to buy votes during the November election using cash, liquor and cigarettes.

State records showed that about $67,000 was transferred from the county Democrats to the committeemen three days before the Nov. 2 election. Party leaders said it was for legitimate expenses, and defense attorneys have alleged that committee members were set up. . . .

In March, committeemen Leroy Scott Jr., Lillie Nichols, Terrance Stith, and his wife, precinct worker, Sandra Stith, each pleaded guilty to a count of vote buying. – AP Wire

The beneficiaries of the alleged scheme were Democrat Presidential candidate John Kerry, Illinois State Supreme Court candidate Gordon Maag and Mark Kern, the Democratic candidate for Chairman of the St. Clair County Board of Commissioners. – by Cal Skinner, The Illinois Leader

Courts in Illinois are also reviewing a civil suit concerning vote buying on behalf of Democratic candidates. The suit alleges several county, state and union officials masterminded a vote-buying scheme during the March 2000, Alexander County primary election.

Allegations surfaced in mid-February 2000, only days after absentee voting began in Alexander County, that people were being paid to vote for specific candidates. Several courthouse employees reported witnessing numerous absentee voters carrying small pieces of paper with four numbers – 35, 64, 83 and 104 – written on them. It was also reported that voters were being paid $3 to vote after they returned to a parking lot adjacent to the courthouse.

The four candidate names that corresponded with the numbers on the primary ballot were McGinness (83), Woolard (64), McRoy (104), and Smith (35). Smith was a candidate to be a delegate for Al Gore at the 2000 Democratic National Convention; the others ran for the offices indicated. All four were victorious in the primary. – by Jim Muir, The Southern

Voter fraud has also been alleged in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and at least one other outlying county. Although this alleged crime may not have actually generated any votes, it was encouraged by a Democrat-based organization attempting to register voters.

According to warrants filed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office, Urelene Lilly, 48, and Marcus L. Lewis, 23, both admitted to authorities that they filled out multiple voter-registration cards using fictitious information to earn money from Project Vote, which paid workers like them $40 per day plus $1.75 for each registration above the daily quota of 24 new voters

Project Vote is a national non-profit group headed by the former head of the Ohio Democratic Party. It was one of several groups that ran large-scale registration drives in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. – by Derrick Nunnally and Greg J. Borowski, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel via Kansascity.com

Wisconsin allows same-day registration and those already registered need not show an ID. It’s not surprising that investigators probing voter fraud in Milwaukee found hundreds of fraudulent votes and over 4,600 more ballots than registered voters. Criminal charges have not yet been filed in regard to these irregularities. Kerry won the state’s 10 electoral votes by 11,000. Legislation was passed to require voters to show an ID, but the measure was vetoed by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle.

In Frankfort, Kentucky, Democratic State Senator Johnny Ray Turner — along with his cousin /campaign manager and a wealthy supporter – has been indicted on federal charges that they conspired to buy the 2000 election.

Lincoln County, West Virginia boasts the longest history of voter fraud currently under litigation. The accused are all Democrats in a heavily Democratic county – leaving newspaper editors to wonder why they would even go to the trouble and expense.

The accused are Lincoln County Circuit Clerk Greg Stowers, Clifford Odell Vance, Wandell Adkins, Jackie Adkins and Toney Dingess. The federal indictment accuses them of conspiring to pay or offer to pay residents for their votes in elections held from 1990 through 2004, mostly for certain candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives every two years starting in 1990 and, in some instances, for president and vice president. – Herald Dispatch

Ironically, in a Mississippi case, a Democratic contender has been charged with buying votes during the recent mayoral primary election. One contender charges the other with fraud and vote buying. Yes, the Dems have even turned on their own where election fraud is concerned.

In all fairness, two cases against Republicans also came to light – both from the state of Virginia. The first concerns Republican Jerry Kilgore’s run for the governorship. His mother heads the registrar’s office in Scott County. This office is currently under investigation for elections fraud. No charges have been filed, but any abuse would have occurred under Willie Mae Kilgore’s watch. Gerald Gray represents Rex McCarty, who is seeking the House of Delegates seat held by Kilgore’s son Terry — Jerry Kilgore’s twin brother.

The registrar’s ability to remain impartial, Gray maintained, has been called into question by last May’s disputed election for Gate City Town Council. State police are investigating allegations of absentee voting abuse. — by Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times

The second case concerns Republican Steven Chapman’s run for state delegate. The charges are of a procedural nature and do not directly reflect voter fraud. He has been accused of “making a false statement on his voter registration form in October 2004 and with voting while knowing he was not qualified to vote in November 2004.”

Clearly the Democrats have learned the fine art of manipulating the media and pointing the finger in a way that distracts the public from the truth. We’ve seen it with the DeLay exaggerations – until the media began to uncover similar Dem offenders. We’ve seen it in the way they mislead the public about Bush’s Social Security reform. We saw it repeatedly with the Clintons. In fact, the Clintons perfected the practice and passed on their knowledge to the rest of the party: attack first, and leave the truth to fend for itself.

The Democrats’ election fraud claims against the Republicans have been proven not only unfounded, but downright deceptive. It’s another case in which they hope if they say something loud enough and long enough, people will believe it. They need, once again, to clean their own house before worrying about their neighbors mess.

(Note: Research for this post was performed solely through MSN and Google search engines. This post only reflects those news stories provided by searches which did not include party designations. There are likely other cases that did not appear as a result of the searches; however, no attempt was made to skew results towards any party.)

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One Response to “Will The Real “Election Fraud” Party Please Stand Up?”

  1. Big Dog says:

    Well researched. Too bad the MSM is not as thorough.
    Interestingly, I was reading this post in the Atlanta airport when CNN reported that the judge ruled against the republicans in Washington State. Maybe the judge should read the numbers here.

    The cry babies who whine about the so called stolen election of 2000 are amazingly silent about this or any of these cases for that matter.

    Where is that blow hard Michael Moore with his camera? He should have been taping these irregularities.