Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

Donald Trump is an egomaniac. This is not to say that he does not love America or that he does not think he can be a good president who can revive the economy. It is quite possible that he has the skills to get America back on track.

But Donald has a Donald problem. I am not talking about the way he puts his foot in his mouth by continually insulting those with whom he disagrees. It is par for the course now for someone to make a comment about Trump and have him respond by saying the person is a no talent, or not bright, or you name it.

It seems that unless you agree with Trump and unless you treat him like royalty you are a second class citizen to him and you are not fit to shine his shoes.

These are his personality traits. He was handed his daddy’s business and he built it into an empire. But for too long people have treated him like he is the king so much so he now believes it. He thinks that he can treat people as he wishes and suffer no consequence.

He might be right given the latest polls that show he still has quite a lead even after his bombastic weekend.

It appears as if Trump has tapped into the anger in the Republican Party (and probably some of the anger on the left) and he is expressing that anger for the millions of disillusioned people in this country.

All well and good but the problem is still Trump and his past.

I am not talking about comments he made about women he argued with. His issues deal with the way he takes positions based on convenience. Trump has been a Democrat and a Republican (and who knows what else). He has donated to politicians from both parties and has supported things that are not conservative.

He liked single payer health insurance and he has spoken in favor of some forms of gun control (assault weapons ban and longer waiting periods). He appears to have evolved on these issues and others but is this a matter of expedience?

I know Trump is a good businessman who has made billions of dollars and he is not part of the political class. He might be a great shot in the arm for the country when it comes to getting us on good financial footing.

The question would be at what cost? Trump has already made it known he donates to politicians so he can get what he wants. This is not a new idea and people have paid to play for as long as politics have existed. But will he evolve again with regard to issues when money starts flowing? Will he push for gun control or single payer health care based on well-heeled donors?

If Trump were to be elected president and we actually got the guy Donald now describes we might actually do quite well but if we get the guy that Trump once was we could be in a world of trouble.

There is still this nagging voice in my head that tells me Trump is in collusion with the Clintons to divide the electorate so she can be elected. Trump is pals with the Clintons and it is not beyond reason that he would be doing this to help her. A divided electorate (thanks to Ross Perot) gave us Bill Clinton.

Maybe Bill is working with Trump to do that once again so Hillary will win.

There is a lot to flesh out in the coming months and given the theatrics of Trump it should be entertaining.

I think it is time we put a person in the White House who is not a career politician or part of a dynasty. Trump does not have to be that guy.

The more I hear Carly Fiorina the more impressed I am with her.

But there is a lot of time to decide.

No matter what the person we select will be better than any Democrat they have running.

We don’t need more of what we now have.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Will The Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up”

  1. Barbara says:

    Could be as you say. I think Hillary thinks knows election is already hers is why she is not really out and in faces instead of seemingly doing the hide and on TV a little. Of course she is hiding so she does not have to answer questions. She needs to be in prison not in WH.Obama is stacking the deck with illegals to vote, to keep a democrat in office or himself as Dictator. Scary to think the Islamist Terrorist in office now might stay or Hillary who sold out our Ambassador and others to benefit herself might be elected. Sometimes is going on with Hillary for sure. You can’t run a under cover Campaign and win unless it is already rigged. Could be. This is why HUSSAIN got second term. I hope Trump is in to win himself, not to help the Clinton’s, time will tell.