Will The NAACP Let Us Talk About Vick Now?

When Michael Vick was accused of doing horrible things to dogs as part of a dog fighting ring the NAACP told us that we should not be condemning Vick because he deserves his day in court. There were the obligatory statements about racism and a coaller to a local talk show indicated that there would be no problem if Cal Ripken had done this because he is a white guy. This is the same NAACP that condemns cops who shoot black criminals before the investigation is completed, but I digress.

Michael Vick pleaded guilty today to the charges so I want to know if we now have permission to discuss Michael Vick as a criminal? Is it OK with the NAACP if we now discuss how much of a degenerate Michael Vick is or will we all still be racists? Keep in mind that Vick said that he was guilty. He did this to avoid more charges and even more severe punishments should he be found guilty.

I am also wondering if the NAACP will now flood the media and condemn Vick for his actions. They spent the time calling people racists for thinking that Vick was guilty before he had his day in court (evidently the NAACP does not know the difference between a criminal guilt and being guilty in the court of public opinion) so now that he himself has said that he was guilty, are we free to talk about it without being called racist?


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One Response to “Will The NAACP Let Us Talk About Vick Now?”

  1. Ray says:

    Personally I’m wondering if we will see any more articles on how Vicks loves his dogs

    Two of Michael Vick’s alleged cohorts in a grisly dogfighting case pleaded guilty Friday, and one said the Atlanta Falcons quarterback joined them in drowning and hanging dogs that underperformed.