Will The Jews Riot And Burn Down Buildings?

Most people remember that the Religion of Peace rioted and burned down buildings because cartoons of Mohammad were published in newspapers. There were riots and calls for death, jihad and mayhem, you know, the usual stuff one normally associates with a religion of peace. Well, now a cartoon has been published that compares Prime Minster Ehud Olmert to a Nazi. The cartoon depicts him as the commander of a Nazi death camp. The caricature shows Olmert with a rifle atop a tower so that he can shoot and kill Jews.

I somehow doubt we will have Jews rioting in the streets, burning down buildings and threatening jihad (or whatever is equal in Israel) because the Jews only engage in violence when they are attacked as demonstrated by their response to the terrorist group Hezbollah.

JP News (including cartoon)

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3 Responses to “Will The Jews Riot And Burn Down Buildings?”

  1. Webloggin says:

    Will The Jews Riot And Burn Down Buildings?…

    I bet the MSM would finally support Israel if the Jews rioted in their own streets. Not until they threaten their own existence will the foes of Israel be appeased.


  2. Wild Thing says:

    Good one BIG DOG, you are right, it is yet another difference betweem the enemy and the good guys. Gosh that list is long!

  3. njus says:

    No of course israelis will never riot they will only practise self-defense.