Will Obama Push To Ban Muslims?

After every act of terror that involves radical Islamists we are reminded by the left not to rush to judgment and that we cannot condemn an entire religion or its followers for the acts of a few. I agree that people should be judged individually. I also know that when a large group of those people or their individual governments support their acts then it is OK to paint them with a broad brush.

Unfortunately, the very people who tell us not to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few are the same people who condemn all gun owners for the acts of a few people with guns who do bad things. The reality is that most people who do bad things with guns have already broken countless laws to do so and usually do not own the guns legally. This fact escapes the gun grabbers as they paint all gun owners, law abiding citizens who exercise a constitutionally protected right, with a broad brush.

After the Newtown shooting, where a gunman who used guns he stole to murder a number of people (mostly children,) Barack Obama wasted no time condemning the act and then vowing to pass tougher gun laws. These laws would only affect law abiding gun owners as they are the only ones who would follow them. The guns that would be banned and the hoops people would have to jump through would only infringe on the people who obey the law. The people who do bad things will still get guns, won’t worry about the gun being on some approved list, and would not go through a background check.

That did not stop Obama and his anti gun zealots from vowing to pass tough gun laws. Some states did just that and ended up only harming those who did no wrong. In fact, some people were then targeted to have their guns confiscated. This all happened to people who did no wrong.

Now we have a terrorist attack that happened in Boston during the Boston Marathon. While we were cautioned not to rush to judgment Obama’s stenographers in the media wasted no time blaming the right wing, gun owners, rednecks, people who hate taxes, white people, and any other group they could paint as a right wing entity. I did not hear Obama asking them not to rush to judgment.

It turns out the bombers are followers of Islam. That should come as no shock as most of the acts of terror are committed by followers of that religion (notice I said most – added for liberals who have trouble with comprehension). The Muslims involved in 9/11 murdered more people than the gunman in Newtown. Hell, they murdered more than the recent mass shootings combined. George Bush did not say we should ban Muslims; he just went after those who intended to do us harm.

Since Barack Obama sees fit to go after all gun owners for the acts of a few deranged people I want to know if he will now ban Muslims.

You see, he was quick on the trigger after Newtown but slow and cautious in his response to the Boston bombing. Unlike his call to action on tougher gun control after Newtown, he was vague and asked us not to rush to judgment. He did not even use the word terror in his first address.

It is now abundantly clear that those who did this are Muslims. Will B. Hussein Obama now apply the same standard he did with regard to Newtown and ask Congress to ban Muslims from the United States?

In this country when a person drives drunk we go after that person not alcohol or cars. When a person stabs a bunch of people we go after the person using the knife, not the knife. When a gun is involved things get murky because the liberals go after the guns of all citizens.

Well Muslims have murdered more Americans than gun wielding morons in mass shootings.

If Obama is to apply the same standard then he must go after Muslims and work with Congress to get them banned.

The mantra from the left is; if we only save one child…

Well, banning Muslims would do just that (so would outlawing abortion).

This might not be a popular position but neither is gun control and the fact that it is not popular has not stopped Obama and the rest of the anti gun crowd from working to disarm us. Hell, they even lie about support.

I can’t say for sure but I bet more Americans support a Muslim ban than a gun ban.

I don’t support either (I believe in going after those involved in bad stuff) but if I had to choose I know America would be a lot safer with armed citizens than it would with Muslims (especially if it was disarmed).

Obama will probably not ban Muslims. What the they do is from the same textbook his buddy Bill Ayers uses.

John Jay has an interesting post up

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5 Responses to “Will Obama Push To Ban Muslims?”

  1. victoria says:

    What he will do is move to whitewash this and anything to do with Jihad or Islamic extremism just as he deported the Saudi individual who was a person of interest in this “ACT OF ISLAMIC JIHAD.”

  2. Real Deal says:

    The problem is the myth of the “moderate muslim”.

    Radical Jihadist – Actively goes after Dar-al-Harb with bombs, guns, etc.

    Moderate Muslim – Passively supports the Radical Jihadist with money, shelter, and information. Listens to rabidly Anti-Western rants in his mosque down the road from your house.

    Most people mistakenly assume that Mohammed is just like Jesus but with a different name. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mohammed was a bandit, mass murderer, and pedophile. It’s all right there in the Koran & Hadith for those that care to educate themselves.

  3. Blake says:

    The older bomber used to say things like the bible was a rip-off of the koran- anybody with a sense of history knows that the bible was written 800 years BEFORE the koran- now, just who ripped off whom?