Will Obama Give it Traction?

B. Hussein Obama has stated that Hillary is hiding behind her gender. Many have stated, I included, that the contenders would be cautious about attacking Hillary because they did not want to be perceived as picking on a woman. They all know how that was played up against Rick Lazzio when he debated Hillary in the New York Senate campaign. The big news was that a man attacked a woman. The candidates had been worried about that until Hillary amassed a rather large lead in the Democratic primary. Then the gents took off the gloves and attacked her (well they attacked her policies and positions).

As was expected the Hillary gang played up the piling on aspect and there were phrases about six men attacking a woman. Now Hillary never directly said these things because she does not want people to actually think she is playing the gender card. Instead, her toadies spouted the words for her but there is no doubt that they were coming from her mouth. I don’t think Hillary believes she is inferior (in fact she probably believes she is superior to most of us) but I do think she would use the gender card to her advantage and, she has.

Obama made a great point when he said that he was the target in one of the debates and he did not cry that he was ganged up on because he “looked different” than everyone on stage. He is correct and it is unfortunate for Hillary that she has resorted to playing the victim because she is a capable politician. Don’t get me wrong, she is an evil person and would ruin this country, but she can politic with the best of them. After all, she lives with the greatest political con artist in our country’s history.

There is no doubt Hillary played up the victim and reinforced that notion when she appeared in a quickly made video that shows the other candidates mentioning her a bunch of times and then she states; “I seem to be the topic of great conversation and consternation, and that’s for a reason.” Yes, the reason is you cannot take a solid position on anything and that you have done everything to say just the right things so as not to alienate any particular group. The fact that you referred to the debate as the all boys presidential club and asked women to support you against them shows that you are playing the gender card. You were evasive in the debate and you have to have poll results to give an answer. Case in point, it has been a few days and you can see how the “they are picking on me because I am a girl” tact is bombing so what did you do? You went to New Hampshire and told everyone you don’t think they are picking on you because you are a girl but because you are winning.

It took a bit longer for you to change positions than it did during the debate when you changed positions in the span of two minutes, but you have changed nonetheless. You went from playing I am the victim to saying it is because you are leading. Of course, you did throw in the woman reference by telling everyone how you feel at home in a kitchen. I bet if they said that if you claimed you ate feces it would get you the nomination you would be telling us how you love the taste of it.

I am wondering now if this whole issue will haunt Hillary more than it has. I know she did poorly in the debate and there was a huge backlash but there are polls out that show she has gained since the event. However, the media loves Hillary and they would say she won and looked presidential if she acted like a rat on acid. Will the fact that Obama is bringing the gender issue up close and personal stick to the Teflon coated Hildebeast?

Only time will tell but one thing is certain. The others have to strike while the beast is wounded. Giving her time to recuperate is not smart and will only give her and the drive by media the chance to rewrite history once again.

Remember, Hillary already stated she has so many plans for us that the country could not afford them all. If they write a book about her ambitions and how she thinks this country should run it will be entitled; It Takes a Pillage.

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