Will Memos Hurt Hanoi John?

World News Daily is reporting that memos have been discovered in archives of items captured by the United States during the Vietnam War. These memos, which have been translated into English, show a direct link between communist North Vietnam and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. As you will recall, this is the group that John Kerry headed upon his return from four months in Vietnam. The documents show that the communists were in contact with the VVAW and were using them to put an end to the war.

Despite Kerry’s assertions that his meeting was a chance event while on his honeymoon in Paris, evidence shows that Kerry met two or three times with the communist enemy in an effort to get the United States to surrender. The plan was to get the US to withdraw from Vietnam and pay reparations to that country. It is reported that the documents have been authenticated. They show disturbing evidence that the VVAW were getting their directions from the communists.

You can see a complete analysis of the documents as well as the documents themselves at wintersoldier.

I find it disturbing that the man who wants to lead our country turned part of it over to our enemy. John Kerry met with the enemy in an attempt to disrupt our elections, divide our country, and force our surrender. This man is a traitor. He does not deserve to be president and he should have never been allowed to run for public office. Perhaps he should be tried as the war criminal he admits to being and then placed in a cold, dark jail cell.

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