Will Leftists Condemn Maher?

There is a blogger named Terry who goes by the name of Meatbrain. He is a pustule that decides to attack other bloggers in an attempt to get traffic to his website. He will use words out of context or cherry-pick in order to make things seem different than they are and his favorite intellectual maneuver is to call people names. He has recently attacked me because I have no issue with the idea that some people should be deprived of life for what they do. When I made comments about the kid who was killed by the tiger in San Fran, he had a post about me and when I said that people who believe in the redistribution of wealth should be beaten to death he came after me again. I don’t care about the attacks on me but it is interesting that when this pustule makes his statements he indicates that it is all the same with the wingnuts on the right. The impression is that only those on the right believe that people who disagree with them should be killed. First of all, I never said someone should be killed for disagreeing with me. I said they should be beaten to death if they felt it was OK to take my money and give it to someone else, a bit of a difference. Regardless, Meatbrain thinks that it is typical of wingnuts to wish for death on people. Moonbats never do such a thing.

Not unless you exclude Bill Maher from the rolls of moonbats. He is a left wing nut job who is famous for what? He sounds like a whiny child and he is an idiot. This dipstick is the one who said he was sorry that the Vice President did not die in an explosion. This is viewed as acceptable by people like Terry Meatbrain because they agree that people like VP Cheney should die. They are not nut jobs because they speak truth to power blah, blah.

Now Bill Maher has asked why Rush Limbaugh could not have died from an overdose instead of Heath Ledger. This is the typical kind of idiocy that comes out of Maher’s mouth all the time and while there were a few groans in the audience, no one has roundly condemned him as they did Ann Coulter over her remarks and as Meatbrain does to me when he makes his remarks.

What say Meatbrain, will you write an item condemning Bill Maher and say that you disagree with all people who think such things or are you just going to stick with your one sided stupidity?

Big Dog

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5 Responses to “Will Leftists Condemn Maher?”

  1. Cao says:

    He only picks on people for the side they’re on. It doesn’t need to make sense; he’s a science fiction writer! He can make up whatever he wants!

    bwahahaha! Good post! Leftists have said Bush should kill himself, sold t-shirts with pictures of Bush with a bullet in his head, etc.

    It’s a self-loathing America-hating twisted world-where only their side of the argument is worth listening to, even if it makes no sense.

    Somehow in spite of it all, he continues to come across as though he’s superior to everyone else.

  2. maddmedic says:

    From what I see at his site, he does no “thinking” he
    picks and chooses what agrees with him, as Cao posts. Henry Rollins?? Now there is someone to quote and post, especially about evolution, now if we did evolve from monkeys why did they quit evolving? The y saw Al Franken and Micheal Moore and realized they had made a mistake??!!

  3. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for stopping by to comment. It did not take you long to see what many have seen for a long time. It appears the only one not to see it that way is Meat Head.

  4. hdrk05 says:

    I stopped by the meatheads blog to see what he was all about
    I cannot say it is anything worth mentioning.
    It appears as if he has a need to argue against anything any blogger has written.
    What a waste of space. There is no brain in that meat.

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