Will CAIR Demand Removal of Jihad Julio?

I wrote recently about Julio Pino, a Muslim convert and professor at Kent State University. I had the chance to visit the junior jihadist’s website and it is nothing but an anti-America terrorist recruitment site. It spins everything into American defeat and the author makes claims that are not based upon fact.

He has an area up in tribute to that useless piece of flesh, al-Zarqawi. Yes, Jihad Julio praises the dead (THANK GOD) idiot who killed Americans and targeted civilians. This idiot has a bunch of vile things to say about Israel and he praises all things terrorist.

I just want to know when the terrorists at CAIR are going to demand that his site be shut down. Remember that CAIR was successful in getting a site shut down because they claimed it preached hatred and violence toward Muslims. Julio’s site preaches hatred and violence toward Americans and makes claims about success in the jihad against us and praises those who have killed our troops. If CAIR is really such a peace loving “can’t we all get along” organization then I demand they ask for the site to be shut down. Now I don’t really want it shut down because I believe in the right to say what you want, and people deserve to see what kind of sub-human idiots we are fighting, but if CAIR is really concerned and wants peace they need to make the demand.

I doubt this will happen because CAIR is full of terrorist sympathizers and has members who do not care about peaceful relations. They want to take us over and impose Sharia Law so they are pretty much in agreement with Jihad Julio and his website. CAIR, it seems that your true colors are showing and you really support terrorists. You do not care about peace or fairness because you only care about trying to make your violent Muslim brothers look like victims.

I say we take Jihad Julio out to the courtyard at Kent State and hang him and then we smear bacon grease all over his worthless remains and light it on fire. The we can dare the Muslims brothers at CAIR to say a word about it. If they do, they are next. I would force them all to eat pork rinds and then send them off to meet Allah. If these worthless terrorists like those at CAIR and Jihad Julio want to worship that child molester Mohammad then that is their business but when they start trying to impose their will on us and our way of life it is time to smack them down. I would never go to Kent State but if I were still in school I might enroll there just to whip this guy’s ass.

Remember the message. Open Season.

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4 Responses to “Will CAIR Demand Removal of Jihad Julio?”

  1. bj1boo says:

    Big Dog , I love it !!! bj1

  2. Aaliyah Williams says:

    Listen to your self, here you are talking about killing a guy who you’ve never met or have no intention on knowing and why is it that you call him terrorist when the facts is that you’re worster then him in knowing how to toture humans even better then the real terrorists!!……………………i personally think you have a thing for these terrorists!! becuase half off your topics are always on terrorists and torturing humans.. shame on YOU

  3. Big Dog says:

    There are a lot of terrorists I would kill and would have no intention of meeting them first.

    I write a lot about terrorists because the Muslims in the world and their terrorist proxies are trying to take over and they want to convert or kill us. If you can’t see that, shame on you.

    Where did you go to school (or did you)? Worster is not a word!