Will Big Brother Ever Leave Us Alone?

The EPA is working to get hotels to monitor how long people take showers. Yep, the shower is now the target of the EPA and while it is starting at hotels how long before some unelected moron in that agency decides to require all homes to have a device to monitor how long we are in the shower?

Yes, taking showers wastes water. That is the cost of being clean. Filth and disease cost a heck of a lot more than water. You pay for the water and the EPA should mind its own business.

The idea is to devise some item that can transmit water usage through a wireless connection so people can be educated on how much water they use.

I get it that some folks waste water and hotels use a lot of it. I also know they use a lot of water cleaning towels and bed linen even when it does not need to be cleaned. No matter how many times I hang my towels up they still replace them. But I digress…

In any event, it seems rather invasive to have someone monitor how long you are in the shower. It really is none of their business.

The EPA says the average shower is 8 minutes and they want people to cut 1 minute off that time. They also suggest people take Navy showers to get the time down to about 5 minutes.

If I wanted to take Navy showers I would have, you know, joined the Navy.

Perhaps the EPA should concern itself with real issues like how its policies and the pressure from environmental groups has left California with about a year’s worth of water. Perhaps they can remove the stupid restrictions so the people there can get water for things other than showers like CROPS.

I am really tired of the government involving itself in every aspect of our lives.

Will Big Brother EVER just leave us alone?

Just a note. This is not something that will happen right away. They do not have the technology to do this but are wasting a lot of money to obtain it…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Will Big Brother Ever Leave Us Alone?”

  1. Barbara says:

    We are stuck with this sort of crap until every left wing nut are voted out and all the communist are out, and all the Terrorist appraiser are out, Islam loving administration is out taking their Muslim Administration with them. Get rid of Supreme Court Justices , replace with true Christian Conservatives, who believes in God, the Constitution, and loves this country and the Men and Women who has sacrificed to keep us a free Country. Till then ,we are going I to the shitter at a very high speed.

  2. Blake says:

    If you shot every eco-weenie in the head, it would make them smarter, as they would have something substantial rattling around in their noggin.