Will Anyone On The Left Hold Hillary Accountable?

Hillary Clinton is a typical progressive who, like her former boss, believes the ends justify the means and that anything she does in pursuit of liberal ideology is OK. How dare anyone try to hold her accountable. Is this some kind of vast right wing conspiracy?

In true liberal style Hillary blamed a vast right wing conspiracy for the uproar over her husband’s inability to keep his private parts off other women. Liberals always blame others.

Clinton used a private email server to conduct business when she was the Secretary of State. There is no doubt whatsoever that she did this to avoid scrutiny and so that she could scrub the emails before they were ever released. She circumvented (and more likely broke) the law so she could not be held accountable for what she wrote.

There were 18.5 minutes of erased recordings in the Nixon tapes (and there is evidence that was an error by the secretary) and he was forever branded a crook. Hillary has done much worse and she has defenders from the left who claim this is much ado about nothing.

Yes, there are those who are using servergate to derail her as the front runner but the fact she is still a frontrunner says a lot about what liberals are willing to allow in order to keep power and to keep big government growing.

Hillary asserted that she did not break any laws and that she made sure her emails were addressed to at least one State Department email address so they could be captured and archived.

Turns out that this is not true (shocked face) as it has now been disclosed that she sent information to others working with her to their PRIVATE email addresses which means those items were not archived.

My good friend Alan West reports on this here.

In addition to Hillary breaking the law there are additional concerns that her server was not secure and that it was vulnerable to many attacks. There is evidence (though no one has confirmed) that a hacktivist group successfully infiltrated her server. Images of emails allegedly sent by her have been released to the interwebs.

She lied about many things and I am willing to bet (I am certain enough to say I know) she discussed sensitive, and likely classified, information through her private address.

The next place Hillary occupies should not be the White House. It should be a cell in a federal penitentiary.

How fitting it would be if the wife of Bill Clinton ended up in a penal institute…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Will Anyone On The Left Hold Hillary Accountable?”

  1. Barbara says:

    She is guilty. She and Slick Willie want ever tell the truth, just make the people disappear that might come forward with truth. They have a long list of dead people that was own their friends list, that died. She needs to be in prison for life .Treason would be appropriate, death penalty. Treason runs rapidly in the WH ever since a Terrorist tricked his way in. Yep, Hillary is a Evil Wicked person just like HUSSAIN.