Wild Bill Strikes A Raw Nerve

Wild Bill from Passionate America has struck a raw nerve because he investigated the IM traffic between Mark Foley and the page. The screen name had been blocked out of the IMs but Bill found one with the name and did some investigative work to find out who this young man is. He has a long post up that shows how he found the person and exactly who it is. There is no indication that Bill released the name in order to exonerate Foley or that he had any malicious intent. The comments from the moonbats are proof enough that he hit a raw nerve.

Who is the man on the other end of the IMs? According to Bill’s investigation:

At 9pm Tuesday night Ms. Underestimated made the find that shocked me and her. Jordan Edmund is currently working as Deputy Campaign Manager for Ernest Istook here in Oklahoma City. Here is his mysapce page that has everything and proves that Jordan Edmund is also the other person in these instant messages with Mark Foley the perv.

Bill has opened a hornet’s nest and there is a swarm around him. He has been contacted by several major news outlets and might be interviewed about his discovery. This whole issue could cause problems for Bill because people will claim that he outed a victim or that he was trying to help Foley and the Republicans out. I know Bill well enough to know that he despises people like Foley and would not do anything to help the guy. His investigation, in my opinion, was a desire to get at the truth, a truth that has been hidden by the MSM and the Democratic Party. All week long they have tried to portray the incident as involving one youth and have been trying to pin this on the Republican leadership.

Bill has been threatened by moonbats in his comment section and has been called every name you can imagine. I understand the anger at this exposure of a victim but I have to ask if Jordan did not expect this kind of problem when disclosed the IMs. Now I have no proof he did that but since they were between him and Foley, and we know Foley did not disclose them, he is the only logical choice. Why did he disclose them? Did he have a desire to get Foley for the past? Was he determined to avenge himself or was he offered a lot of money to provide them so the Democrats could stir up a scandal close to the election? I do not know the answers and could only speculate but I do know this much, only an idiot would think he could disclose such things and not be discovered. If he was seeking anonymity, he went about it the wrong way.

A person at Bill’s site wrote this:

I think you should have thought clearly what value there was in divulging this person to the public. From what I can see there is none. However, your bad act of exposure is nothing compared to the threats and vile comments you are getting on this post. They are just as vile as everything else about this story. Death threats don’t protect children. The damage is done. ABC News did not protect their sources, obviously. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

There are many comments indicating that Jordan has been getting threats and that he is in danger. Once again, that is a consequence of disclosing those items. I am not excusing the threats but if Jordan were so interested in this being resolved, why not disclose them WHEN THEY HAPPENED? I also find it interesting that this comment indicates that this was a bad act on Bill’s part and that just because he could do it does not mean he should. I have to wonder if any of the moonbats scolding Bill for exposing information that was publicly available were as outraged when the New York Times published our nation’s secrets. The NYT has published many of our secrets and their act could place our citizens in danger and yet they did not receive the same level of scrutiny that a blogger with a keen eye did for pulling together information that was not protected or classified as secret.

Wild Bill did nothing wrong but the moonbats are in full Muslim Rage Mode and they are ready to kill Bill. You know whenever you tick off the moonbats, you have struck a raw nerve.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that Ms. Underestimated worked with Bill in the investigation. Her contributions are spelled out in the post.

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4 Responses to “Wild Bill Strikes A Raw Nerve”

  1. Mark Foley’s Young IM Friend Revealed – EXCLUSIVE…

    We now knew that we had the correct screen name, first name, picture, but this newest picture has a problem. Jordan looks older, is heavier, and he is drinking a beer. He does not look like the underage teen that most of the media portrays him. Is he d…

  2. Shoop says:

    The info was available on the internet, but as Wild Bill points out in his diatribe, it wasn’t easy to come by. It was negligent to out the victim. There are just as many crazy right wingers who will be ready to go after this guy just as there as there are crazy left wingers ready to take out Wild Bill.

  3. Frank says:

    Good post Big Dog. I completely agree and I posted on Wild Bill’s breaking story and will add an update to link to you. Good Job!


  4. Denny says:

    The hate-mongering left is always self-righteously angry when they even THINK that the right has done something that THEY consider wrong. They have threatened Bill and, Bill says, his child.

    Where was the outrage from the liberals when the NYT REPEATEDLY put our country at risk by printing CLASSIFIED information that helped our enemies? Where was the outrage when 2 Democrats had REAL sex with underage pages back in 1983? Where was the moral outrage when former KKK and 1964 Civil Rights Act filibuster racist Robert Byrd wrote in his book a few years back that the KKK was not a violent nor racist group, but one of upstanding citizens? Where was the outrage when Bill Clinton misused and abused women?

    Liberals always seem to have selective, self-righteous outrages at their opponents, while excusing or ignoring any from the left.