Wictory Wednesday – Michael Steele

This is the Wictory Wednesday blogburst. I am delighted to present the next Senator from the State of Maryland, Michael Steele.

This week Wictory Wednesday is highlighting the candidacy of Michael Steele for the Maryland Senate. It is a closely watched race that is in contention for a GOP and conservative pickup in the Senate. Currently there are two main contenders for the Democratic nomination, Kweisi Mfume and Ben Cardin.

Michael Steele is something of a mythical candidate to the left; he’s a black conservative Republican and there has been a history from the left to use racial attacks against him. Two former staffers of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee were found guilty of stealing Steele’s credit report — a federal crime.

Lt. Gov. Steele supports strong programs to continue to grow the American economy and is particularly focused on expanding home ownership. It is crucial that as many citizens as possible own their own homes as home ownership is one of the major keys to economic independence and success. He understands that low taxes and reduced government grow the economy and increase jobs.

Steele is a supporter of transparency of lobbying expenses and fundraising and seeks to eliminate many of the “perks” of being a Senator, like gifts from lobbyists. He is solidly a supporter of earmark reform, a process that allows legislators to slip in pork barrel projects without executive or legislative review. Surprisingly there is no rule preventing a legislator for putting in an earmark where he stands to personally gain from that earmark. Steele is looking to end that.

Michael Steele understands that legal immigration is essential to a successful nation, however, a nation worthy of its name must enforce its laws. He supports sealing the border that allows such a flagrant area of lawlessness inside American soil. He also supports Social Security reform because he understands the nation’s youth and young adults will have no retirement system if drastic reforms aren’t made.

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One Response to “Wictory Wednesday – Michael Steele”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Hey! I did not know about this. I love Michael Steele. He’s the right kind of conservative. The Club for Growth is going to be backing him, or so they told me. We are working hard to replace those phonies.

    I hate having to hear, “You’ve had control of the Senate since…” NO WE DID NOT because our spineless, gutless, too lazy to fight for what’s right senators aren’t worth crap. (Sorry about that. That is one of those things that gets to me. lol)