Wictory Wednesday – Meet Mike DeWine

This week Wictory Wednesday presents Senator Mike DeWine from Ohio for re-election to the US Senate. He is currently trailing Democrat challenger Sherrod Brown.

He supports the tax cuts and understands the best way to grow an economy is to bring business out from under the stifling arm of government taxation and regulation. Ultimately ever tax or regulation is paid for by the consumer.

Senator DeWine understands that affordable health care doesn’t mean that the government pays for and runs the system. Even Europe is moving away from such economically naove models. A strong health care system requires that the consumer be in control, not some bureaucrat hundreds or thousands of miles away.

National security has never been more important. While terrorists attacks continue overseas, nothing has been successful in the United States since 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks. Senator DeWine understands that it requires strong intelligence agencies, a military with the necessary tools, and law enforcement who treats the problem as warfare against the citizens of this country, not as some petty criminal gang like the Crips.

Due to ethical requirements of my job I am not allowed to ask you to donate to a candidate. You can find information here or visit another participant’s site.

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