Wictory Wednesday: Jacob Turk Of Missouri

This week, Wictory Wednesday is highlighting the candidacy of Jacob Turk for the United States House of Representatives for the 5th District of Missouri. He is running against incumbent Emanuel Cleaver, a career politician and far left extremist. Jacob Turk is a veteran of the US Marines and understands the difficulties and pressures faced by a military at war abroad and denigrated at home.

Turk understands that the problem with the health care system is not because we don’t have socialized health care. The problem is that the patient is far removed from the decision-making process regarding the care they receive. HMOs, created by Senator Ted Kennedy (D), have largely removed the patient from the decision-making loop. HMOs decide what doctors we see, what procedures we get, and often make getting claims impossible for both doctors and patients. The result is a health care system that doesn’t serve the patient. The solution is not to remove the patient even farther, but to put the patient back in control of their own health care.

Jacob Turk understands that a nation cannot sustain its economy by leaving its borders and ports open to whoever can sneak in. The discussion on immigration reform is rather meaningless. The current laws are sufficient, they just go unenforced. The result is that illegal immigrants are abused because they are cut off from society. The borders must be secured. No one will argue that terrorists should be able to sneak into the country unimpeded. We have already agreed on the laws, it’s time to enforce them.

Jacob Turk understands that children should not be molested and the evidence concealed. Parental notification makes good sense. Children are not considered legally able to make decisions in any other respect except abortion because parents are considered to have their best interests in mind (until proven otherwise). With abortion, parents are considered as abusive to their children categorically and it leaves the rapist able to sneak little girls off to Planned Parenthood to cover up their crimes with abortion or birth control. That is the real sex abuse cover-up, tens of thousands of girls each year are raped and Planned Parenthood helps the rapists get away with it. Our greatest asset is our children and they deserve to be protected.

The ethical rules of my job prohibit me from solicitng on behalf of a candidate. So, if you need information you can go
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