Wicked Witch in the Race

For quite some time I have been saying that Hillary Clinton was going to run for the White House, the building she and her husband allowed to become the best little whorehouse in DC. I was told by many liberals who commented and untold numbers that emailed that I did not know what I was talking about. I predicted she was preparing for the White House as she was swearing in for her first jaunt in the Senate and while she was saying that she was only focused on that job. I have a saying about the Big Dog always being right and I have that saying for a reason.

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Pushed by Obama, the person who wants to be the first half black half white person to hold the Presidency and anticipating the man who wants to be the first Hispanic to hold the Presidency, Hillary Clinton announced today that she was setting up an exploratory committee to become the first woman to hold the office. The timing is unusual but she was forced to play her cards by the others who jumped in very quickly and Obama’s early support by people like the Reverend Jackson.

Hillary is using the occasion of her announcement to make statements like after six years of Bush we need someone ready to do things right or clean up his mess or whatever. There will be a lot of Bush bashing over the next two years but he is not running for office. It worked well in the last election for Democrats to avoid who they are and just say they are not Bush. A lot of people were elected without actually saying that they would do anything or telling anyone specifics of what they would do. They just said, vote for me because I am not George Bush and America did. People who want to be president will have to have a bit more than that in order to win.

Hillary has a lot of baggage but there are people in this country who are in love with her. I know people who said they would vote for her just because she is a woman. I know people who have said that she would make a great president because we would get Bill back in the White House (as if she would view her presidency as a jointly held office this time). I know people who said they think she is wonderful and would make a great president but none of them can name one great thing she has done. There are a few who said “well, she stuck by Bill when he cheated.” That makes a lot of women qualified for the office.

I have heard a few people say it was time to have a woman in the White House (which Bill did quite a bit) just like it was time to have a black in there. This upcoming race will cause some division among the ranks of the Democrats because they will not know which way to turn. If Obama does not make it in the primary they will say it was because the party is not ready for a black guy and if she does not make it they will say it is because the party is not ready for a woman. I would not be surprised to see Obama pressured to get out by the Clinton machine. I would also wager, assuming that one of these two gets the nomination, that person will pick the other to be a running mate in order to cover all the bases (black, white , half black half white, woman and lesbian).

I am wondering if there are any people who the Clinton’s have crossed over the years who have dirt on them and who are still alive. People who know bad things about the Clintons tend to end up dead under unusual circumstances so any who remain might be afraid. However, it would be great to have some closure on those billing records, what she knew about Bill and Monica and when she knew it, how involved she was in the bad things that happened when her hubby was the prez. There will be a lot of dirt thrown around but the Clintons are always able to deflect it. Bill was accused of having that affair with Gennifer Flowers before he ran and it was dismissed as a lie by the machine only to surface again when Bill had to admit it was the truth during Monicagate.

They are crafty but there will be items that people will use against her. The hard left is sure to use her war position (if they have not been duped by her changing positions) against her. She will canter back (as she is now) away from the war and hope that Cindy Sheehan and the others can forgive her for being fooled by George Bush. Which brings a side note: How is it any of them can campaign on the idea that Bush is an idiot and inept and does not know what he is doing and yet they can continue to claim that he fooled them? If they are so smart, and smarter than Bush, how does he keep fooling them and do we really need people who are that stupid, by their own admission, in office?

It will be interesting to see what happens between now and the primaries. I know this much, none of these people will be getting much done in Congress. They have all been working on the White House since the day after the election and they will spend much more time on that than on their duties. Hill will be out raising obscene amounts of money and will be working very hard to get the job as Commander in Chief.

There is a lot of time to go but if America goes down this path it will be the path to destruction. Though she will get a pass on everything from the MSM, she will drive this country into the ground and will ruin us. The Roman Empire ended and so, one day, might this great experiment called America. If Hillary gets elected, we will be well on our way.

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6 Responses to “Wicked Witch in the Race”

  1. Hillary’s in……Drudge posts worst Pic they can find…heh…

    Course whaddya expect from Drudge, but it got Stik to thinking……used to be the only pictures you got to see of Politicians was in Time or Newsweek. Now you have the whole Net to pick from.
    CNN’s PIC


    Pics availab…

  2. Obama vs. Hillary rd 2…

    The media has been unable or unwilling to let go and grasp reality and understand the fact that Barack Obama has not a chance of getting by the biggest piranha and jackal in the Senate, the certifiably insane Hillary Clinton….

  3. Jo says:

    The main bloggers that hit hard on politics, and smaller ones like mine that dip in now and again, are going to have to do a full course press on this women for the next two years.

  4. I’m shocked, shocked to find that……

    Hillary!/Sillary/Shrillary! is running for President….

  5. Well now, that will warm the cockles of one’s hear…

    Global warming, that inevitable result of man’s interference with nature…