Why Worry About The Fiscal Cliff?

It is billed as Taxmageddon, the first day of the New Year when all the Bush tax cuts expire and certain budget measures kick in. These were designed to force lawmakers to get off their butts and actually do something constructive but that never came to pass. They were too busy running for reelection or working to get their messiah reelected. Now that has happened and there is some movement toward fixing the problem that lies ahead.

But why should they worry about fixing it? When Democrats took control of the Congress in the last two years of the Bush Administration they ran on a platform of eliminating the Bush tax cuts. Remember, Democrats have LONG declared that the Bush tax cuts were ONLY for the rich. They never referred to them as just tax cuts as they always added “for the rich.” Democrats claimed that Bush only cut taxes for wealthy people and that the middle class got screwed despite the fact that the middle class made out better than anyone with regard to the cuts.

Be that as it may, the reality is that Democrats said these tax cuts were only for the wealthy and they said they would eliminate the Bush tax cuts in total, not in some piecemeal fashion.

So let them expire.

Once Democrats won they had to back off their claims that these tax cuts were solely for the rich because they knew otherwise and eliminating them in their entirety would hurt the middle class but that is NOT how they portrayed it when they wanted the lesser minds in society to vote for them.

We should give them no quarter. They ran on eliminating them so let them expire and let everyone suffer the consequences (elections do have consequences). Obama and his minions all think that raising taxes is a good thing and will help the economy. If that is what they believe then they should let the Bush tax cuts expire completely and reap the benefit of increased tax revenue. It is unlikely the Treasury will actually receive increased revenue as tax increases tend to keep that from happening but that is not what Democrats believe.

So why not let them expire completely and see what happens? If Democrats are right then the increase in revenue will catapult the economy into prosperity and we will be on the track to salvation. Hell, if raising the taxes on the rich is wonderful then raising taxes on everyone should be even better.

Besides, the expiration of the tax cuts will only affect the wealthy because that is what the Democrats have told us.

So there should be no worries about the first day of next year. There should be no fiscal or political worries because we are only going to do what Democrats promised all along, end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Hell, let us take it a little further. Let’s actually raise the taxes on millionaires (real ones who make a million dollars or more) to 90%. Everything above a million dollars will be taxed at 90%. They don’t need that money. Barack Obama already told them that at a certain point he thinks they have made enough so let’s just take it from them. Many of the millionaires who live in this country voted for Obama so they should be perfectly willing to have some skin in the game. Imagine if Brad Pitt was paid 5 million dollars for a movie. He would get 400 thousand dollars of the amount over a million and the government would get 3.6 million dollars. What a deal and Pitt will be more than happy because he supported Obama and Obama’s plans.

Think of how rich liberals would be overjoyed at this. Warren Buffett, Michael Moore, Cher, and all the other rich liberals who supported Obama and his plans could pay their fair share to help the poor folks.

Now it is an absolute fact that if the government confiscated ALL the money rich people make it would only run the government for about 90 days but that should not matter. It is all about fair play and these rich folks, many of whom live in California and New York, have put their trust in Obama.

Let the Bush tax cuts expire in their entirety so Democrats can fulfill their promise to do so and then raise taxes on people who make more than a million dollars so they can pay their fair share.

The reality is that none of this will help but the Democrats promised it so they should go through with it. It will crash the economy, force the wealthy liberals to find ways to keep from paying taxes (you KNOW they don’t really want to pay more) and show America how deadly liberal tax policies are.

Who cares if it leads to the demise of this once great nation? If people actually cared about that they would not be standing around with their hands out for Obamaphones, food stamps and other forms of welfare. They would be working instead of mooching.

Let’s give the liberals what they want by letting the Bush tax cuts expire and raising taxes on the wealthy. No exceptions so all the rich guys in Congress have to pay. Hell, Obama will have to pay 90% on all his income above a million so he will have skin in the game. And while we are at it we need to tax him on his employer provided transportation. His employer gives him a car, a plane and a helicopter. He needs to pay taxes on these as well just like a guy in the private sector.

Obama needs to have skin in the game as well.

Once the policies have taken effect it won’t be long before our economy completely crashes. Some will survive and some will not but once we come through the other side those who caused this will be long gone and we can rebuild the Republic.

The ball is in your court Congress. You liberals wanted to end those tax cuts so do it and quit crying about how they will hurt everyone.

You were not worried about that when you were running to cut them so don’t worry now.

Man up and do what you said you were going to do and live with the consequences.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Why Worry About The Fiscal Cliff?”

  1. victoria says:

    At least the Democrats and the un-informed own the destruction of this country. They cannot come on here or anywhere and blame anyone but themselves. I hate to say it but at least we will get some schadenfreude watching them reaping the benefits of what they voted for. Unfortunately, we will be reaping them also. A dictatorship & taxation we can’t afford,unable to get healthcare or jobs, a nuclear Iran and attacks on this nation because there is no miltary to protect us etc. etc. But if there was enough conservatives and people who knew better who stood by and did nothing then…. What keeps me awake at night is not things blowing up like on 9/11 it is this country going under to the terrorists and the like without things blowing up. With just silence and apathy.

  2. Blake says:

    Makes me glad I am not long for this world- I had hoped that sanity would return and save this country, but now i see that the Roman adage of “Bread and Circuses” truly does prevail.
    I now know Romney was right, but didn’t go far enough- 47% would not vote for him, but it is the same 47% who are too stupid to live, hell, truth be told, most of them have people who kick these progressives in the chest,to keep themalive, because these people (and I use that term loosely) havent the brainpower to breathe unaided.