Why We Can Not Cut And Run From Iraq

The recent mini war between Israel and Hezbollah has demonstrated many things and brought a lot of truths to light. We now have additional confirmation that Kofi Anus is an anti Semite. We also know that no matter what Hezbollah did they were never called on the carpet for it while Israel had to explain every time it passed gas. As for the war part of the excursion, Israel was clearly a winner. I am only talking about the conflict in which they destroyed a lot of stuff and killed a lot of Hezbollah terrorists. Unfortunately, Israel is a loser in the court of public opinion and they are losers for agreeing to the appease fire. The only reason that everyone wanted that appease fire is that Hezbollah was being wiped out. Israel should have told the world to go screw itself and kept on going until every last living thing in the border region was turned into mulch. Now that they agreed to the appease fire the terrorists and all their brothers in the Muslim world have declared victory. They begged for a cessation of hostilities and as soon as they got it they claimed that they won. The leaders in the Muslim world are calling this “victory” inspiration to the Muslims and they are vowing to arm and attack in the future.

What does all this have to do with Iraq? If we leave before the job is done and as many terrorists as possible have been killed then they will claim victory and they will be emboldened to build greater weapons and they will be emboldened to attack us more and more because they will believe that they can beat us. They will believe that we do not have the stomach to fight a long fight and if we pull out then I would say they are right. All one needs to do is look at the latest conflict. Israel handed Hezbollah its ass with regard to death and destruction. The place looks like the stone age and a lot of people are dead and Hezbollah was running for the hills begging for a cease fire and when they got it they claimed victory and EMBOLDENED other Muslims. This is the way the Muslims live their lives, lying and deluding themselves in order to stir their people into a frenzy so they can attack people with two goals in mind. Wiping out Israel and converting the rest of the world to Islam.

Remember this when you are listening to Ned Lamont and the rest of the cut and run Democrats. They do not know anything about war and they do not know anything about our enemies. They cut and ran from Vietnam and that has been a loss on our record despite the fact that we won every battle in which we were engaged. The liberals allowed us to be beaten and dishonored the memories of more than 50,000 brave souls. They will do the same thing in Iraq. If we allow them to do this and then we are attacked because the terrorists think we are weak then we get what we deserve and I will have no pity for anyone who is killed. I will likewise not tolerate one word of criticism or blame from any damned liberal who wanted us to cut and run.

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5 Responses to “Why We Can Not Cut And Run From Iraq”

  1. Bush Dog says:

    Big Dog Y’er Right! We can’t “cut & run”. But we do have a little problem in my humble opinion. Y’see, we got ourself a Prasiedent that’s been befuddled and bemused by something a little more intoxicating than “Pure Ol’ Panther Piss” or any West Texas “Rot Gut White Lightning”. THE MAN has been seduced and dumbfounded by the Sirens of the Beltway. He started out jus’ fine, and as the problems grew he seemed to grow to meet them. At first. Then the problems kept growing and he started listening to the “X-perts”. That’s when he started to stumble. That’s when things went kafluie. Jus like his prasiedental great grand daddy, Lynden Banes Johnson (Bush), he’s been haver’verdized and macnamarried. And once that happens yer worthless. Once that happens, everything starts movin’ real slow, like in a terrible, never ending, psykadelic high. Since he’s gone bonkers, the Pentiegons reverted to their most infamous contingency plan code named “Catch Twenty-Two”. It’s the same plan, with a few modern twists and candy sprinkles, that the paper pushers used back in the 1960’s. Same-o, same-o! That’s the problem! You think maybe if the Demon-crats put on a Anti-War-Zillion-Neo-Com March on Washington that Lil’ “LBJ-the Second” would wake up, kick this terrible habit, and end his little military excursion into Iraq by declaring “VICTORY” after 6 months of no-holds-barred WAR? Then he could turn the clean-up over to the new, ready for anything FEMA folks, right? Imagine if Lincoln had listened to his “X-perts”, or Wilson or FDR or Eisenhower, or Nixon, we’d be fighting The Civil-WWI-WWII-Korean-Vietnam-Iraq War today. Nope! Yer sunk if ya’ listen ta X-perts.
    (or vote twice for a Power Lush)

  2. Wild Thing says:

    Big Dog great writing about this, you are so right.

  3. “Having a ‘War on terror’ is like having a ‘War on Drandruff.'” – Gore Vidal

    So far, regarding the “War on Terror,” the undisputed winners are the terrorists. They have gained in popularity. They have perpetrated more attacks worldwide than ever before. Their numbers, if ever increasing arrests are an indicator, are growing rapidly. Their gains in Lebanon and Iraq are irrefutable. Iran has become far more belligerent, and non-theocratic governments of the islamic world have become more unstable.

    By waging a “War on Terror” we:

    1: Raise the geopolitical stature of the terrorists, which is exactly what they want.

    2: Create a bipolar world with the Anglo-West on one side and Islam on the other, which is exactly what they want.

    3: Give credence to their rhetoric that we are an aggressive and seemingly imperially motivated power, which is exactly what they want.

    4: Alienate ourselves from our allies and other power blocks around the world, which is exactly what they want.

    5: Create martyrs and herose of their cause, which is exactly what they want.

    6: Weaken the very foundations of our Great Republic, dividing ourselves into disparate camps, which is exactly what they want.

    George W Bush and the Neocons may as well have handed Osama Bin Laden the head off the Statue of Liberty on a silver platter, and the promise of democratic and cultural reform in the Middle East in a blender.

    The “War on Terror” should be called the Victory of Revolutionary Muslim Theocrats.”


  4. Big Dog says:

    Real nice if only there were a great deal of truth to this. There are no more terrorists than there were before, they are just more visable. Iraq is like flypaper. By fighting there we attract the flies to that spot rather than having them come here.

    As for all you giving them what they want, nice try but you have to answer this:
    What did we do to them before 9/11 that gave them what they wanted?

    Here is a clue because you obviously do not have one, we ignored their constant attacks on us. This showed cowardice and they increased their attacks. They have been attacking us for nearly 30 years and all the other Presidents who did nothing allowed them to get bolder. The first Bush went to Iraq, Reagan took care of Kaddafy Duck (and we heard no more from him) the weaklings the donks put in allowed us to get bombed and otherwise attacked without retaliation. This told the bad guys to keep attacking.

    You fail to understand what we are doing because you are part of that blame America first crowd. I shall never apologize for being an American and I sall never apologize for protecting our interests. If you do not have the will to join the fight at least have the courtesy to stay out of the way of those of us who do.