Why Was He On The Streets?

There is a sex offender who is now behind bars. He is in his 60s and police say they found a book with entries that indicate he has molested a large number of children over the years and maybe in more than just this country. He is in jail now because he molested a couple of 12 year old boys. I am upset because he should have been behind bars a long time ago and they should have welded the door shut. You see Dean Schwartzmiller has been arrested on child molestation charges in New York, Idaho, Oregon, Arkansas and Washington. He has also lived in Nevada, Texas and Washington. Why in the name of all that is good was he out of jail? To top it off he never registered as a sex offender. Duh! The guy is a pervert who breaks the law. What makes the court system think he will comply with the registration requirement?

There was a quote from a police officer.

Sgt. Tom Sims, a supervisor with the department’s child exploitation division, expressed frustration that Schwartzmiller has been able to live out of jail for most of his life, despite multiple convictions in several states.

“There’s not a lot parents or the public can do in way of Megan’s Law if those people don’t register,” said Sims. “It’s as shocking to me as to you. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

SGT Sims there is a whole lot you can do. We can start off by keeping this sick man in jail. Weld the door shut and cut the welds off two days after he dies. Then he will not cause harm to children. I have a few ideas. First of all what jackass made it a requirement for these perverts to register as a sex offender? Anyone with half a brain knows that there will be little compliance. As seen with this guy, there are few repercussions. I say we should have the court system register them. Of course, my first choice is to put them in jail. But, since liberal judges are worried about hurting their self esteem we need alternatives. I think that before they are released they should be registered as a sex offender with the Motor Vehicle Administration in every state and territory. You need an address to get a license. If the MVA sees they are a sex offender they can notify local police who can ensure that the perv is registered on the web for everyone to look up. Then their license plates should say sex offender on them so everyone in the neighborhood will know. Will help those without web access. They should be registered as a sex offender with all the credit bureaus. When they get a house the place usually runs a credit check. Bingo, come up as a sex offender and you are automatically registered with the local sex offender web site when you sign the papers. Plus, Realtors can keep them from renting or buying near schools and other places where children congregate. Next, their social security number should be flagged as a sex offender so when they use it to apply for a job or anything else requiring a SSN, they are pegged as a perv. Finally, they should have a GPS chip implanted in them so we can tell where they are at all times. Maybe we can implant a chip that can deliver a shock when activated from a remote site. We see the perv near a school we can tazer his ass until the cops arrive. We could also put transmitters around schools so any perv comes near gets zapped automatically.

After while they will probably beg to be put in jail where I wanted them in the first place.

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