Why Terrorists are Better with the Internet

There is a report from NPR that indicates the terrorists are better at using the Internet than the US government. Here is the entire item:

A new report finds that no one may be using more advanced Web techniques than terrorists, and they may be doing it even better than the U.S. government. NPR

Of course they are better. I do not believe for a second that these sand dwellers have people who are better at writing programs and inventing computers but they are good at propaganda. These are the people who wave freshly thawed dead babies in front of cameras to show how they have suffered (though the kid might have been killed by a pedophile Muslim for all anyone knows).

We could be just as clever but there is a big difference between the cultures. In their culture they kill people who disagree with them and their hate filled twisted ideas about religion. In America we allow those who disagree to sue the hell out of us and to demand that we apologize or, in the case of CAIR, they demand the website be taken down. Can you imagine what would happen to someone in the Middle East who demanded that a terrorist web site be taken down? They would be beheaded by some sick jackass who took the place of the now dead (Allah be praised) Abu Zarqawi.

The Islamic murderers (an oxymoron) can keep their sites because we do not have groups demanding that they be taken down. CAIR will certainly never demand that a terrorist site come down because they are sympathetic to the cause of the terrorists. The followers of the pedophile Mohammad are great with propaganda but they fight like cowards and should be eliminated by any means possible.

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