Why Surveillance Program Is Needed

This week on 24 Jack Bowers and his group used a satellite to track the call of an American talking to a terrorist who wanted to detonate a bomb filled with weaponized nerve gas. The American was going to provide the necessary codes and the team intervened just in time. Some will say this show exemplifies what the left in America is worried about, surveillance against a US citizen and his terrorist buddy and both are in this country. Actually, the left does not care where they are because to them the terrorists deserve to be protected.

While this is a TV show I say it strengthens the argument for surveillance. They had to make a deal and get the attorney general’s signature. In real life it does not happen in minutes. If this were real and they had to wait for the FISA court, the terrorist would have the codes. How on Earth is this relevant?

A Massachusetts town named Newton was named the safest in the country. However, a terrorist used the library computers in that town to send a bomb threat to Brandeis University. The FBI had evacuated some buildings and went to the library to see what was on the computer. They were interfered with by a librarian who held them up for 10 hours while they got a warrant. A warrant is not required when there is an impending crime. In addition, the use of the public’s computer (paid for by tax money) coupled with the fact that the messages were disclosed means there is no privacy concern to worry about.

No matter what, the FBI was interfered with for 10 hours and during that time a bomb could have gone off and killed people. I would like to know why this librarian was not arrested for obstruction of justice. Also, if a bomb did go off would she be complicit in the murders?

There are people who will allow the terrorists free reign in this country and they are known as the political left. They will interfere with imminent dangers to keep some terrorist from being arrested. The terrorists know about our freedoms. Instead of embracing them they are using them against us. The moonbats who aid them should be arrested and put in jail and we should have started with that librarian who is paid with taxpayer dollars.

Source: TCS Daily

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