Why Should Non-Muslims Care?

The Muslims (those who practice the so-called religion of peace) are still killing and rioting over cartoons of Mohammad that were not drawn by Muslims. Why should the non-Muslim world care if Muslims are not allowed to draw images of their prophet. That edict does not apply to people who practice other religions. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and that one can only be saved through him. I don’t impose that on non-Christians and if they depict Jesus unfavorably, like in so-called art or by having Kanye West dress like him, I do not incite riots.

I can believe that it is wrong and in poor taste but I would not riot and kill because non-Christians are not bound by my religion. Non-Muslims should not have the Muslim religion forced upon them. There is no way that any Muslim rule applies to non-Muslims though if those radicals have their way they will convert the entire world to their fanatical, murderous religion.

I say screw them. Print all the drawing of Mohammad you want and let them kill each other in riots. The American press should stop placating these people and print the pictures. Why is it that they oppose freedom of the press when it offends Muslims? They never care what other religions they offend. Print those pictures and let them go nuts. If they riot here it will give us an excuse to either shoot them or force them to honor our religious views. Either way we won’t have given in to their stupidity.

Let us keep our money at home, stop sending them aid and let them crawl back into the caves from which Mohammad emerged.

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