Why Shop At An Unsafe Mall?

The Mall of America has a policy that bans guns from its premises. Law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry firearms on the property (or at least inside the mall itself) but this policy will do little to stop lawbreakers from entering the mall with firearms and causing all kinds of destruction.

There are threats from terrorist groups where lone wolf terrorists have been asked to attack malls in the US and the Mall of America is on the list of targets. The solution the mall has come up with is for the law abiding to leave their firearms in their cars or at home thus making them sheep.

People who shoot back have a better chance of survival when attacked by a bad guy with a gun.

What will the mall do? It might hire private security or police officers might be assigned to the property. Neither is effective. Hundreds of law abiding gun owners with their guns are a much more deadly foe than cops or security guards scattered throughout. Besides, wouldn’t it be better if the cops were out patrolling the streets?

The mall has basically told would be attackers that the place is a shooting gallery and invited them in. If it had instead published that it wants and encourages gun owners to carry on the property would be bad guys would think twice before attacking. Bad people do not like to attack those who can and will fight back. They like to pick the weak and unprotected. This is why mass shootings happen at places where guns are banned like malls, theaters and schools.

You have never seen a mass shooting at a gun show.

My suggestion is to avoid the place and any other that does not allow people to exercise their right to keep and bear arms. If you are not able to protect yourself then you will not be safe. The government and private businesses are unable to protect you and if you are harmed they will not take responsibility for your injuries.

If enough people stay away from the mall to cause it financial distress and cite the gun ban as the reason the mall’s management will quickly change its mind. If not then a lot of anti gun folks will shop there in their deluded world where they think they are safe. Let them be the targets. Stay home or shop where you are encouraged to carry your firearm.

America was founded by people with guns and our history includes armed people ensuring their own safety and the safety of their neighbors. Instead of being the Mall of America perhaps it should be the Mall of un-American Values…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Why Shop At An Unsafe Mall?”

  1. Barbara says:

    Target Stores also have ban. I will never shop there. We, with good sense do not give a bad guy the advantage over us, if my weapon is not allowed, they do not get a penny from me. I am not going to be a sitting duck anything, any place .