Why Not Show It All, CNN?

CNN is defending its decision to show terrorist snipers shooting US troops deeming such items newsworthy. I personally have no problem with them showing it except that while they are filming snipers shooting our troops they are basically helping promote the enemy’s position. I think that if more Americans were allowed to see how the enemy works more might get outraged and demand that we go in there and wipe out the terrorists instead of pussy-footing around. The intent of CNN is to sour America so its people will demand withdrawal.

The question is, if CNN is interested in reporting the unvarnished truth then why do they not show it all? I want to know why CNN has not shown the terrorists sawing off people’s heads. Why does CNN say that those images are too disturbing and refuse to show them? CNN said we are beyond emotion:

“We also understood that this kind of footage is upsetting and disturbing for many viewers,” he said. “But after getting beyond the emotional debate, we concluded the tape meets our criteria for newsworthiness.” Yahoo News

If we are beyond the emotion then how disturbing a film is should not matter. The terrorists should be shown sawing off the heads of people who did nothing to them. Yes we need to see those barbaric acts in order to enrage our country and give us the testicular fortitude to continue the fight but with more ferocity than ever before unleashed.

And therein lies the problem. Disturbing video is only “newsworthy” so long as it meets the goal of CNN and the rest of the MSM. That goal is to push the liberal agenda and to try and get us out of Iraq. CNN is referred to as the “Clinton News Network” for good reason. If they want to truly present the unvarnished truth they need to show the atrocities committed by our enemies and stop excusing the enemy’s behavior and trying to make them look like saints.

What say you CNN, have you the courage of your convictions? Will you show all the disturbing video from Iraq or just the items that push your left wing agenda?

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