Why Not Just End The Bush Tax Cuts?

In the last decade or so since the “Bush Tax Cuts” were enacted the Democrats and their media wing have portrayed those cuts as tax cuts for the rich. During the campaigns and throughout the years whenever there was a debate about the budget and the deficit the Democrats would say that George Bush gave tax cuts to the rich and that those tax cuts for the rich were hurting the economy.

I, as well as many others, tried to explain that the Bush Cuts helped the middle class and the poor much more than the rich. The rich ended up with more of the burden as the middle class and poor had their taxes lowered by much greater percentages and that the cuts ended up increasing revenue to the Treasury. This is not a matter for debate here and anyone who is willing to invest time can look at the government’s own numbers to see that it is true.

The reason that tax cuts end up costing us more is not because of a decrease in revenue. It is always because politicians spend even more when revenues increase.

The bottom line is that Democrats always rejected the idea that the Tax Cuts helped those who are not rich. No, they were ALWAYS Bush’s tax cuts for the rich. Listen to any debate and read any transcript and you will see how these tax cuts were defined by the left. For the rich, period…

So if these tax cuts were only for the rich and since Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes on the rich, why not just let the tax cuts expire and the net effect will be a tax increase on the rich?

Sounds perfectly logical since the tax cuts were ONLY (according to the left of years gone by) for the rich, letting them expire will only affect the rich.

Except it won’t. You see, the Democrats are now forced to admit that the Bush Tax Cuts were not tax cuts solely for the rich and that they were for everyone across the board. Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to remove the wealthy from any extension of the cuts thereby preserving the part that applies to those who are not rich.

You see, if they had been honest back then they might have credibility now but they were not. They played their second favorite game of class warfare (first favorite is using the race card) in order to demonize George Bush and the rest of the Republicans as the party of rich people.

By now recognizing and fighting for the tax cuts that apply to those who are not rich the left has admitted that they were wrong. It has admitted that the Republicans cut taxes for everyone and it has admitted that they were lying in order to win.

If what they said in the past was actually true they would just let the taxes expire but they can’t.

They are caught up in their web of lies regarding taxes and tax cuts.

The Democrats have shown us that they are lairs and that they cannot be trusted with regard to this issue (or any other for that matter) so why should we even listen to what they have to say on the matter?

They lied then and because they did those who are not wealthy are about to see a huge increase in their taxes.

And please, don’t let some liberal tell you that they always meant the part that applied to the rich. They never acknowledged any tax cuts for those who were not rich and always portrayed the cuts as cuts for the rich. They don’t get to change that now just because they got caught up in their lies.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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