Why No War Coverage During Campaign?

When the Democrats were engaged in their drawn out primary they discussed the war on terror in Iraq quite frequently. Obama claimed that he had the best judgment because he opposed the war though no one knows how he would have voted because he was not in the Senate. In his 143 days of work (yep that is how many he has in 4 years) he has not done much to show his strong opposition or immense wisdom.

The war was supposed to be the big issue. The Democrats were going to club Republicans to death over Bush’s mismanagement of the war. Obama said the surge did not work, Reid said we lost and many other Democrats talked about how we were doing poorly.

Ever since the general election campaign started there is little news about the war. In three debates the issue was barely discussed other than some foreign policy discussion and Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the success of the surge. He also had the opportunity to lie about what he “has said all along” (when Obama uses those words he is lying and it is not what he said all along).

Perhaps the war is not discussed because the Democrats can get no traction out of it. When things were going rough they were going to ride anti war sentiment into the White House. The problem for the Democrats is, despite their best efforts, we are winning. The US has suffered the lowest number of casualties since the war began with 13 in October and 61 since the beginning of August. The number of Iraqi deaths has also fallen.

Our heroes are doing a great job and we are winning the war. George Bush has been beaten up pretty badly over the war but we are making real progress. It is not time to pull our troops out. We need an exit strategy that includes winning as a precondition of coming home.

It is hard to tell what Obama will do because he told people during the primaries that he would take them out immediately. Then he started changing his tune and now he calls for responsible withdraw. Responsible withdraw is when we win.

John McCain will not allow our troops to be defeated and will do a much better job with the military. Obama can claim he is better suited to be the Commander in Chief but those claims are from a fantasy world. John McCain had forgotten more about the military that Obama will ever know.

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