Why No Outcry Over These Profits?

In the past few months, and especially last week, a lot of resentment has been shown to the oil companies in this country. The posted obscene profits and people went nuts. The big oil boys are gouging us to make a profit. They do not deserve to make such an obscene amount of money. Congress needs to investigate and see if the have been gouging Americans.

Where is all that same anger now that Time Warner has announced it realized an 80% profit? Why no stories about gouging and obscene profits? Why is it that a media outlet that is probably heavily liberal has not been taken to task for the huge profit it has shown?

How many oil companies are laying off people? Time Warner got rid of 300 people while posting a huge profit. Why no screaming from the moonbats?

Read the obscenity here and here.

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One Response to “Why No Outcry Over These Profits?”

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