Why New York?

There is a story about a Baltimore woman who went to New York to do some shopping. She was shot by a person who robbed a store there. This woman is from Baltimore the place where shootings occur on a regular basis. The slogan there was The City That Reads but it was quickly changed to the City That Bleeds because of all the shootings. These are the shootings the dip stick mayor can’t seem to get a handle on. They do not seem to be able to arrest these gunslingers in Baltimore. Of course, being in jail in Baltimore is no safer than on the streets. Last month a detainee at the Baltimore “central processing” (read zoo) was beaten to death by the guards. But that is another story.

How would you like to be this woman? She leaves the dangerous city of Baltimore and gets shot some place else. Of course, she picked New York City. I think if you are going to get out and do a little shopping you can pick safer places than New York. But who knows? It is an irony though, that she was not shot in the City That Bleeds.

Story Here.

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