Why Maryland Does Not Need O’Malley/Brown

Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley is running for the office of governor and he selected a man named Anthony Brown to be his running mate. Brown is a military reservist and I am sure he is a smart man. Brown is a black man and I wonder if the Baltimore Sun, when it endorses O’Malley (which I will bet a steak dinner on) will make the same remarks about Brown that they made about Michael Steele, Maryland’s Lt. Governor (and next Senator) who happens to be black. The Sun said that the only thing Steele brought to the ticket was the color of his skin. But we only need to scrape the surface to see real problems with the O’Malley/Brown team.

First, O’Malley’s latest commercial indicates that he has a plan for the state’s educational system. O’Malley has been the Mayor of Baltimore for 4 years and his school system is the lowest in the state in about every category they measure. O’Malley ran on the same education ticket when he ran for Mayor. Despite his poor performance and his neglect of the city’s children the state teacher’s union has endorsed him. Of course the leader of that union is a Democrat who is running for another state office.

I recently wrote a post about an 11 year old boy who was killed by a convicted child sex predator. This guy had a long criminal record and in 2002 he told police that he was a pedophile and he needed help. Instead of locking him up they gave him help obtaining his next victim. But Big Dog, surely you do not think O’Malley and Brown are the friends of child sex predators. Why, any thinking human being is consumed with protecting children and the Democrats are always telling us that they are doing it for the children. Tell us Big Dog, what are you saying?

I am glad you asked. These two men would rather place politics above the safety and welfare of our children. O’Malley did that with the school system in Baltimore and they are complicit in the system being easy on child sex predators. You see, during the last legislative session in Maryland there was a bill on the table. Jessica’s law, as it was called was a law that made things really tough on child sex predators. I am unsure of all the provisions but there were mandatory jail terms and long sentences. This particular bill, designed to help the children was not passed even though the legislature had 90 days to get it done. I guess the children are not so important to Democrats after all because the Maryland legislature is overwhelmingly Democrats. The bill eventually got passed but that is because the Democrats went home after the session and caught hell. There was a special session called so they could screw consumers with an energy scheme and they took the opportunity to vote on Jessica’s law at that time.

Who could have been involved in this and why? This is from the MD GOP week in review (4/06)

Anthony Brown: Why is he protecting child sexual predators?

Another one of the most important issues facing the General Assembly was the rapid increase of child sexual predators in our communities and how to protect our children. According to the Department of Corrections and Public Safety, sexual predators are on the rise in Maryland. “Since December 2002, the earliest figures available, the number of registered sex offenders in the state has increased by 1,558, from 2,792 to 4,354 in December 2005. ‘The only way you lose people is if they go back to jail,’ [Dave] Wolinski [assistant director of the Criminal Justice Information System, which maintains the list for the state Department of Corrections and Public Safety] said.” (Sex offender registry grows by hundreds each year, Baltimore Examiner, April 11, 2006)

So why wasn’t anything done? Politics, ladies and gentlemen. Politics trumped the safety of our children. And guess who played the biggest part in killing legislation that would have created mandatory sentences for these deviants? None other than Martin O’Malley’s running mate, Delegate Anthony Brown.

Sexual predator legislation died in the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by defense attorney and delegate, Joseph Vallario. Anthony Brown sits on the committee and since his selection as Boy Mayor’s running mate, he’s taken a far more visible role as O’Malley’s puppet in the legislature. Here’s how Brown did it, according to an account in the Baltimore Sun: “House Republicans and Democrats sparred over the measure recently, when Del. Anthony G. Brown, a Prince George’s County Democrat, moved to amend the original sex offender law to include the Jessica’s law provision. Brown is also Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley’s running mate in a race to unseat Ehrlich.But Del. Anthony J. O’Donnell, the House minority whip from Southern Maryland, said doing so would mean certain death for the provision or perhaps the entire bill.
’It was a way to kill Jessica’s law without fingerprints,” said O’Donnell. “I really feel it is in big trouble because these folks want to make it appear that they really support it but they don’t.’ Brown denies O’Donnell’s assertion, saying he wanted to include the bill in the umbrella sex offender legislation. He said he hopes to be appointed to the conference committee to negotiate a solution.” (Child-molest measure stalls, April 8, 2006)

THE DEMOCRAT LEADER ON THE FLOOR THAT WANTED TO RECOMMIT JESSICA’S LAW BACK TO COMMITTEE AS IT WAS SET FOR PASSAGE SO THAT THEY COULD KILL IT WAS ANTHONY BROWN. The bill never made it to conference committee because it was recommitted to a Senate committee and ultimately died. It appears Anthony Brown gave Senator Brian Frosh the necessary talking points he needed to kill HB 4 in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. (see picture at bottom) (edited by author) The O’Malley-Brown ticket has placed Maryland’s children in more danger from sexual predators who, now thanks to them, have less to fear from our laws in terms of mandatory sentences and jail terms without possibility of parole.

This is outrageous politics from the O’Malley-Brown Team. Children are in danger and they play politics. There is no excuse for not protecting our children from these sick individuals, but we’re sure Brown will have plenty as the months go on but nothing he says will change the facts.

Send Del. Anthony Brown an email about this legislation and his disgusting politics at the expense of our children at anthony.brown@house.state.md.us (bold emphasis added)

I am not so naive to think that passage of this law would have saved the recent child victim. Enforcement of current laws and locking the revolving door would have prevented it along with some good old fashioned common sense on the part of his mother. But the fact is, when given the chance to do something that would protect children “Del. Anthony Brown (Martin O’Malley’s running mate) killed the legislation so that Republicans wouldn’t get credit for passing a strong measure like “Jessica’s Law.” “(MD GOP 6/06)

Does the state of Maryland really need two people who put politics ahead of the safety of our children in charge? Do we need to elect two guys who only care about obtaining power? If we elect these guys then it means we are signing on to the idea that the safety of our children comes second to politics. If that is the case when they are running how bad will it be if they get in? I for one do not want to see this state turned over to two guys who would sell their very souls to Satan for a chance at power. Besides the issue of child safety, which is certainly enough, we do not need O’Malley’s failed Baltimore City policies moved up to the state level. Bob Ehrlich got us back in the black ink after years of Democratic failure and the last thing we need is a man who lost 58 million dollars in there screwing things up again.

Shame on the O’Malley/Brown ticket for their dismal performance with regard to our children. I do not know what kind of soldier Anthony Brown is but I know that he is a JAG officer so he is not in a leadership type position. I mean, how many lawyers do they actually have engaged in battle? I do know this, as a soldier my job was to accomplish my mission and take care of my troops. In addition, I was to always protect those who could not protect themselves. Once you are a soldier you are always a soldier and Brown is still in the reserves. Forget for a minute his duties as a lawmaker, how could he neglect one of his most basic duties as a soldier, the protection of those who can not protect themselves. He neglected the most vulnerable segment of our society and this is an act that should never be rewarded especially with election to higher state office. If anything, it should be grounds to remove him from the position he currently holds.

I am disgusted, as a soldier and as a citizen of this state, that Anthony Brown put his own personal interests above our children’s safety. Come to think of it, even writing about the color of his skin as they did for Steele would be too much praise for this guy.

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