Why Leave The Desert For A Beach?

From Breitbart:

Hotels at an Italian seaside resort are eager to act on the town’s decision to authorize the creation of all-female beach sections for Muslim women, with at least one hotel owner saying Friday that plans are already under way to open the first of such secluded areas next month.

The city council of Riccione, a popular resort on Italy’s Adriatic coast about 90 miles east of Florence, has said it is prepared to authorize requests to set up partitions on parts of the shoreline to satisfy requests from the town’s growing numbers of Arab and Muslim tourists.

“They can have anything they want, but they can’t go to the beach, at least not without all those heavy clothes,” Attilio Cenni, owner of the upscale Grand Hotel des Bains, said of his female Muslim guests.

Cenni said he plans to open the first secluded section starting in September on a stretch of shoreline of about 1,000 square meters (10,000 square feet) and to expand further next season across the more isolated beaches on Riccione’s outskirts.

Why would these women want to go to a beach full of sand after they left a country that was nothing but sand? I guess this secluded area is supposed to allow them to take off all the heavy clothing so they can enjoy the beach and the water. I would hope that they can take off their clothing. What sense would it make to go to a beach with all your clothes on?

This is another example of places bending over backwards to accommodate Muslims. Now if that is what they want to do to encourage their patronage it is fine. That is what business is all about. What will they think of next, a Muslim Fun Day at a theme park?

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2 Responses to “Why Leave The Desert For A Beach?”

  1. Bill says:

    Big Dog,

    They wouldn’t do this unless someone saw a demand for it. Namely its business not personal. If there is no demand, it will close sooner or later.


  2. Big Dog says:

    I am all for capitalism. I think that if there is a demand they should address it. I only wonder why someone who lived in the desert would want to sit on a beach. If they allow them to take off all that clothing it might be one thing but it just seems odd to me.