Why Is Race Always The Excuse For Failure?

Even though Barack Obama secretly flew to the Osama bin Laden compound, fast roped into it, fought his way to the room housing the terrorist before shooting him and then flew back to America in time to clean up and make a national speech about his heroics, he is struggling.

An inmate took a lot of votes in the West Virginia primary, a relatively unknown Democrat in Arkansas gave Obama a run for his money (of which he spent a lot) and in Kentucky “uncommitted” received a lot of votes. In other words, Obama is not showing well in some states. If his policies and his performance were actually good he would be mopping the floor with any challengers. Actually, he would not likely have any challengers in the first place.

But Obama has lost jobs, unemployment has remained high, he has added to the deficit and the debt, he has failed to close Gitmo, he passed Obamacare against the wishes of a majority of the country and he “evolved” to a position of supporting gay marriage. All these things are not sitting well and far too many Americans are out of work and the economy is in a mess.

So Obama is not doing well.

While I clearly indicated why Obama is having difficulty, many Democrats see a different reason for these problems. It is racism.

Yep, the Democrats think that Obama did poorly in these places because white Democrats in these hayseed states don’t like a black guy running the store. They don’t consider that these folks might be dissatisfied with Obama’s job performance because they think he is doing just fine so the only explanation MUST be that they are racists.

The same group that ignores the New Black Panther Party, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the other racists and race hustlers concludes that white Democrats in certain states are not voting for Obama because they are racists. The idea that these Democrats might be a bit more conservative and are not on board with the far left liberal platform of Obama will not cross their minds because they are unable to comprehend Democrats who do not toe the party line and follow the Messiah like good Democrats should.

Are there racists? Yes (and in both parties) but if racism was that bad Obama would never have won.

This is not new. The linked article leads one to believe that Obama lost these same areas to Hillary in the primary because they must be racist. Perhaps the Democrats in those areas actually knew Hillary Clinton had more experience and leadership potential than Obama who never held a real job. It would appear that these folks were right as Obama has been out of his league since he won in 2008.

I am tired of racism being the excuse for failure. There are plenty of reasons that Obama is doing poorly not one of which is racism.

This group only knows the blame game. Obama blames Bush and his minions blame racism.

And my friends, this is not leadership…

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