Why Ignore The Polls Now?

I have never been a big fan of polls, especially political polls. The results are too easy to manipulate and a skilled pollster knows who to ask as well as what questions to ask in order to obtain a certain result. Polls are generally not as reliable as the DBM would have us believe. One only needs to look at the exit polls from the last Presidential election to see that. The early results had Kerry and Edwards dancing the jig. Their hopes were dashed when the only poll that actually counted was not in their favor.

The left however, is full of people who love polls. They are full of glee each week as Bush’s numbers go lower and they flaunt those polls. When an issue comes up that is unpopular, they point to polls as the indicator for American desires (regardless of the validity of the poll). So the question is, if they love polls so much why are they making an issue out of the recent story (actually not so recent) about the NSA obtaining phone records?

63% of Americans find nothing wrong with it. When Bush’s approval rating is 40% we are told that 60% of America is unhappy with him and that is the basis for all the political games that are played. Yet, when 63% of Americans agree with the NSA program, the moonbats still go out on a rampage alleging invasion of privacy. True to the left’s form, they ignore the law that allows this data collection (interestingly, the law was signed by Bill Clinton). Anyone who believe this is about concern for privacy is fooling himself. This is all about causing problems for General Hayden as he goes through the conformation process.

The story is not new. It was released in December of 2005. It got little attention and was a dead issue. The DBM resurrected it this past week to cast doubt over Hayden and to muddy the waters. The left uses polls the way it uses its platform. They are the party of inclusion only as long as you agree with what they are saying. If you disagree they become rabid animals and attack. The polls are viewed the same way. Any poll that agrees with their position is valid and used over and over. A poll that does not espouse their viewpoint is ignored or cheapened as not valid.

Major phone companies turned over phone records that did not have personally identifying information. This is in accordance with the law. Incidentally, they can do the same thing with your medical records. Under HIPAA, signed by Clinton (a pattern?) they can gather medical information as long as there is no personally identifying information.

Wars are a tough thing to be involved in. The war on terror is tougher because there are no clear geographical boundaries. In addition, it gets tougher when you not only have to fight an enemy someplace else but also have to fight the enemy within.

Source: ABC News

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