Time To Pull The Plug On The UN?

I have posted many times about how I regard the UN. I have talked about the oil-for-food scandal and the sexcapades they have been involved in. Each time I mention something about the UN Adam says I am obsessed with the sexual aspect and he stated, I believe, that my mentioning it all the time was sickening.

The thing that bothers me about people with Adam’s point of view is that they are almost dismissive of the illegal acts of the UN because of all the good they do. I have been waiting for something to come out in writing so these allegations would have a bit more weight and my point of view not seem so “sickening.”

My very astute colleague and purveyor of truth Surfside sent me a link to an article with details about the sexcapades. It seems that the blue helmets have been using their purple helmets to rape and abuse women and little girls. If the US Military or some relief group from the US went into another country and did this, Adam and those who think like him would be demanding investigations and jail time. The UN though, seems to get a free pass.

I have talked about the UN a number of times and I am not going to rehash my feelings here. You can read the articles and then decide if this is an organization that you feel we should be spending our tax dollars on. FWIW, I think it is time to pull the feeding tube of US money from this organization that has been brain dead for a long time. The only thinking they seem to do is with the head that has no brains in it.

From the NYT

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5 Responses to “Time To Pull The Plug On The UN?”

  1. Adam says:

    The truth is that the UN has over 70,000 peacekeepers deployed in more than a dozen missions. They do way more than think “with the head that has no brains in it.” It’s not that I personally dismiss the UN’s sexual abuse cases. I understand they have taken place and I hate them. It destroys everything the UN works for. I have no problem admitting the UN has been involved in atrocious sexual acts over the years.

    When I compared the UN Peacekeepers to US Military, you lost it. It is my understanding that you believe when offenses take place with our military, the US takes care of the problems and when offenses take place with the UN they just sweep it under the rug. Your problem is that you somehow dismiss UN investigations into their own offenses.

    The idea that the UN “seems to get a free pass” is simply not true and I’d argue that your hatred of the UN is not because of the “sexcapades” but instead because of a simple self fulfilling prophecy. You hate the UN. When something comes up like the rampant Congo abuse, you say, “See there. THAT is why I hate the UN.” There has always been hatred of the UN in the US since before the sexual abuses and the Oil for Food program. Maybe I’m wrong though to count you as part of that crowd.

    While it is true that many peacekeepers get away with their crimes, the UN is in the process of solving these problems. They take it seriously even though you have your doubts. The article you link to talks about punishment.

    “Last week, U.N. officials announced they had fired one employee and suspended six others from among 17 civilian staff members being investigated in the Congo abuses.”

    Another recent article mentions similar things.

    “In the DRC, France recently jailed one UN civilian employee for rape and making pornographic films. South Africa and Morocco have also taken action against others.”

    These people are not getting a free pass any more than the US military got a free pass in the continually unfolding prisoner abuse scandal. The UN is working on the problems, no matter how bad you hate them.

  2. Big Dog says:

    We shall see what kind of punishment is handed out. The punishments of which you speak were recommendations by the people conducting the investigations. Let us see if they are followed though. These people who were jailed were not done so by the UN but by a country that is part of the UN? I am not sure not having read the reference.

    Truth is, the UN has been slow to act or investigate. Pressure caused them to think otherwise.

  3. Adam says:

    I want to say all punishiment comes from the nations involved in the mission but I don’t have a ton of evidence. I believe that is the best way to do it though. I can’t promise good results in the investigations but I do still believe you are overly negative without good reason. Give it some time and we will see.

  4. Surfside says:

    What happens with the UN is the UN reps are returned to their own countries and the legal system in that country is apprised of the charges. More often than not, the country of origin does not place the individual(s) on trial. There’s actually a flurry of activity in the Security Council regarding this policy. It may very well be one of the issues on the table when they overhaul the UN. It’s become painfully obvious, even to the UN, that any UN-based criminal usually doesn’t answer for their crimes.

  5. Big Dog says:

    But if it is not such a big deal and they take care of things, why this?

    Annan depressed