Why Government Gets No Respect

People often tell me that I need to “respect” government. I’m supposed to obey laws, whether I agree with them or not, simply because they’re the law. I’m told to “use the system” to change laws that I disagree with, no matter how repugnant. Of course, those same people can’t answer me when I ask about a law that’s passed that requires punching anyone in the face who wears brown shoes.

But no, I don’t respect this government. I’d like to, but 99.9% of all government employees are corrupt people who will literally do anything they’re told to do because they’re just “doing their job.” And 100% of them are making a living, literally, off my work and earnings. They should honor me for enabling them to take a part of my money. Instead, the majority of them treat me like a second-class citizen. While glancing around the news today, a couple quick stories that jumped out that really highlight why I have zero respect for government and have no desire to “use the system” to try and fix it:

#1: Racism is required by government. In this case, the court has ruled that government (and ONLY government) should judge people by the color of their skin. If you have white skin, you should be punished, according to government. And worse, the judge won’t admit that’s what he’s saying, instead speaking in perfect Orwellian double-speak, actually claiming that if you DON’T judge people by their skin color, that’s a violation of the Constitution. Feel free to check your Constitution for the words that require government to discriminate by skin color. If your copy doesn’t have that line, you’re not reading the same copy the federal government is using. I have no desire to be part of that type of government.

#2: The truth will get you fired. Well, if you’re a policeman in St. Petersburg, Florida, that is. A policeman simply told a citizen that there were unsafe areas in the town. This was a simple factual statement made by someone who actually knows where the criminals are. For pointing out that there are criminals in the town, the mayor may have him fired — or at least disciplined. This just highlights another reason not to trust police — because they’ve been ordered by their masters to lie to you. And, of course, they’re willing to lie because, “they’re just doing their job.”

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2 Responses to “Why Government Gets No Respect”

  1. Ferd Berfel says:

    Cool! A law that says I can punch brown shoed people
    in the face! About the right place and time!

  2. Blake says:

    How about punching people with jug-ears? Seems just as logical, and soooooooo much more fun.