Why Does Stimulus Vote Surprise People?


Not the fact that Democrats are voting for a bill that is loaded with special interests and will do little to help the economy. No, why are people surprised they voted FOR something that they have not read and do not know about completely. These people supported Barack Obama. They voted for him even though he was not vetted and his troubles were ignored or covered up by the media. They voted FOR him without knowing much about him.

The whole stimulus plan is a sham. The bill, in its final form, was more than 1000 pages (earlier reports indicated it was nearly 1500) and it was distributed at 2300 last night. There is no way that anyone could have read the entire thing in that little bit of time. I hope that someone slipped in a provision for all Democrats and the three traitorous Republicans to resign and for Obama to have to provide a birth certificate. That would be absolutely hilarious. Obama wants to sign it Monday and you can bet he will not be able to read the entire thing before then. It does not matter because he is only interested in spending, not actually producing results.

Look at what we have in this mess:

  • The bill passed with all but 7 Democrats voting for it and all but 2 Republicans voting against it. The 2 Republicans did not vote. This means that all who voted for it voted for something that they have not read and do not know.
  • The bill was touted as one that provides tens of thousands of jobs even though no one has read it. No one knows what it includes or what it will do because they have not read it. In fact, one Congressman said they voted with one hand and crossed the fingers on the other. This is not leadership and it shows that even though they claim that something must be done now and that the bill is good, they don’t know.
  • The so called administration of transparency has broken a campaign promise to post bills on the web 5 days before they are voted on so that the public can view them. The Democrats promised the bill would be posted on the internet for 48 hours before it was voted on. That did not happen. Does it surprise anyone that they broke their word? Nancy Pelosi needs to get out of town for her taxpayer paid vacation in Rome. She will have a few meetings while she is there.
  • A Senator has predicted that none of his colleagues will have had the chance to read the bill before they vote on it. This is irresponsible. The Democrats in the Senate will vote for it and they have not read it. They are just like their House partners in crime.
  • Barack Obama said that the lobbyists needed to be taken out of the process. He campaigned on changing DC and the politics as usual. The bill was on K Street in the hands of the lobbyists before staffers got it. The lobbyists had to go over it and make sure none of the payback they demanded had been left out. They had to ensure all the special interests were addressed. They had to ensure they knew what was in the trough they will be feeding from.

I have only read portions of the bill but from the lists I have seen it contains nothing but pet projects and items from the liberal wish list. It will not reduce the unemployment rate (I believe the extension of unemployment benefits is designed to make the numbers go up so the Dems can claim they are doing a good job when the numbers go down next year. It will be an election year) as FDR saw when he did the same things. The unemployment rate varied little under him and his plans and only went down markedly when the US entered WW II.

Barack Obama is unable to see this and his explanation for the failure under FDR is that he did not spend enough. Well one thing is certain. This bill spends enough. If it works and things get better then Obama can say he was right and if things get worse then we will know the real truth. Should that happen, Obama will say he did not spend enough and needs even more money.

The CBO says that the situation will improve by the second half of this year even if Congress does not spend one cent on the problem. That is what happens in recessions. Things get bad and then they get better all on their own. Government intervention makes things worse and prolongs the problem. FDR and Carter proved that. The reason Democrats are rushing this bill through is so that they can get their pet projects passed before the economy improves on its own. Once the economy improves they will not be able to use it and fear to get what they want. Obama is not letting this crisis go to waste…

Money Burning

If the economy begins to recover on its own the Dems will claim credit for the improvement. However, I think that the infusion of borrowed money will prolong the recession and things will not get better for quite some time. History shows us this will happen.

Spending money we do not have is a problem and up until this year Democrats were screaming about the deficit under Bush. They said it was irresponsible to run up a huge deficit (though they had done so in all the years past) and that we needed to get it under control. Obama entered office and all that went out the window even though he was one of the folks who leveled criticism at Bush.

Pelosi is off to Europe and the bill is heading to the Senate. Not one of the people elected to run the country has read it and yet they voted for it.

This is not leadership. It is a dereliction of duty.

Big Dog

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18 Responses to “Why Does Stimulus Vote Surprise People?”

  1. Victoria says:

    I think everyone is grabbing all the money they can because the ship is going down.
    As Ann Coulter put it,”Good bye America-It was nice while it lasted.”


    • Bunny Colvin says:


      Funny you bring up mAnn Coulter. Apparently sHe votes in Connecticut (where her parents live) rather than NYC (where sHe lives). How do you feel about this? Assuming you’re an adult, do you vote at your local polling place or the one closest to your parents house?

      • Victoria says:

        I voted at my polling place where I am registered. Maybe she still considers where her parents live her permanent residence. I don’t know–as long as she voted once and only once–is it a big deal?

        • Bunny Colvin says:

          Well I don’t know. Everyone around here is always crying about voter fraud. Perhaps mAnn voted in Connecticut because her vote would mean more in their Senatorial race than it would have in New York. Is that a big deal?

  2. Victoria says:

    Well, if she commited voter fraud–then I am sure as big a name as she is some Democrat somewhere would be all over her like stink on #$%t and make sure she received whatever penalty should be imposed.

  3. Victoria says:

    You want to cry about Ann Coulter’s vote instead of the massive fraud that has just been committed on the whole of America including you.

  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    I’m not “crying” about anything, Vic. The American public has seen the failures of (r)epuke policies, and now a Democratic majority is taking over. You and your gang of cons are out sista.

  5. Victoria says:

    Cute Bunny, but so are you too.

  6. Victoria says:

    The Democratic majority is takin over–boy you got that right only you have no idea how far reaching they are going to go. When you go to the doctor and some fed tells the doctor he can’t treat you because you are now too old and it is not cost effective and it is time to die since we all die sometime anyway. Well, I hope you are prepared for that.

    • Bunny Colvin says:

      Whoa boy. Easy killer. You’re sh!t doesn’t scare me, Vic. Please issue your dire warnings to other commenters. I’m good with the Dem majority. Ain’t changin my mind yo.

  7. Victoria says:

    Whatever–It is on page 151 of the bill, unless they changed it to a different page.

  8. Victoria says:

    Of course who would be under the illusion that members of Congress will live by these same rules? For instance, a rich old senator with a brain tumor is unlikely to accept a death sentence because treatment would not be cost effective.

  9. Bunny Colvin says:

    Nope Vic, looks like you are wrong again.


    It’s gotta be frustrating being wrong so often.

    • Liberty Card says:

      Curious, the article does nothing but assert that Rush is wrong. The facts are (pesky things, facts – Liberals go to such lengths to ignore them) the bill’s provision is right out of Dascheil’s book, and if you think we ain’t on the road to socialized universal health care where such decisions are made ‘for the common good’ then you need to up your meds.

      Oh, but that’s what you want, isn’t it? And you’re just pretending you don’t think it’s on its way to try and temper the opposition the Saul Alinsky way.

    • Big Dog says:

      Quoting a liberal “must read” is not a source.

      If you know the plan then you know how it will be implemented.

      BTW, it would take years to make medical records electronic. How does this have anyting to do with a stimulus. The idea certainly deserves consideration but not as part of a stimulus package. It should have been presented and debated upon its own merits and not inserted in a stimulus bill which is really nothing more than a pet project bill.

  10. Bunny Colvin says:

    Dog or Liberty Card, whateva you want to call yourself-

    “Quoting a liberal “must read” is not a source.”

    Vic cited the Drudge Report. Do we really need to argue about sources? You’re losing you’re credibility around here, boss. You’re getting crushed in the evolution discussion by people that know what they’re talking about, Adam’s kicking your a$$ re: the stimulus bill, and you’re tryin to bust me on a source I used in response to Victors comment (which cited the Drudge Report). All the while you’re talking about “revolution” and guns. Take it easy, dude.