Why Does Sri Lanka Need the UN? They Can Rape on Their Own

A teenager who escaped death but was left orphaned and homeless by the Asian tsunami met yet one more agony: gang rape, one of several cases of child abuse being investigated in the disaster zone, an official said.

Well isn’t this nice? There are tens of thousands of people dead because of a tsunami and there are children being gang raped. The world is gathering resources to send to ravaged areas so that thugs can sexually abuse children. I think Mother Nature screwed up and killed the wrong people. The only humans who should have died in the tidal waves are the cretins who prey on the children.

The United Nations is chomping at the bit to get over to Asia. They are just waiting for us to pony up a bunch of money so they can be on their way. I wonder if the enthusiasm is to help the victims or to find fresh meat. Given the allegations in Congo I can’t help but think the blue helmets want to get to Asia so they can take care of their purple helmets. As far as I am concerned, if the affected area already has rapists and child abusers then they certainly don’t need the UN. They seem to have things well in hand. They probably don’t want to share the kids anyway.

To make things worse some pseudo intellectuals calling themselves psychologists are rationalizing the behavior. They believe that given the magnitude of the disaster these things are sure to happen.

But psychological and behavioral problems are certain to become more important as the authorities gain control over the life-threatening issues.

So far, the cases of suspected abuse have been isolated. But officials are concerned that the trauma of the catastrophe, coupled with the close quarters in the refugee centers, could spawn many more cases

De Silva gave few details of the case of the gang-raped 17-year-old girl, which occurred in the area of Galle on the southern coast but not in a refugee center. Hours after being washed ashore and left orphaned and homeless, she was raped by six men, he said.

There is no reason for this kind of behavior. The trauma did not cause it. This has been a pattern for over twenty years. These people do not need psycho babble to help explain their antisocial behavior. They were thugs before the tsunami and they are thugs after it. Let’s stop this victimization of criminals in Sri Lanka. For God’s sake, they are being treated the same way the democrats treat American criminals. Before long we will convince the world it is the kid’s fault.

I hope the world will stop criticizing the US as stingy and see that we are pretty giving, even when our benevolence will help the slime that would perpetrate such terrible crimes. Maybe, Lost Adam and his friends can organize a group to protest the violence against the children. It would be a lot more helpful than the protest against the Ohio vote….

Read the story here.

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