Why Does Obama Trust Iran?

Barack Obama is hell bent on getting a nuclear deal with Iran. Iran is getting its way in all aspects of the deal though it will not stay true to it in any regard.

Iran wants sanctions lifted so it can continue to make nuclear weapons to put it in a stronger position. Obama is placing his legacy in the hands of people who lie and do not honor agreements.

He is also putting the fate of Israel in those same hands and they are the hands of people who have said that Israel must be wiped off the map and that this is nonnegotiable.

Those same people also continue to chant “death to America” and Obama is working to give them the means.

I don’t really care about Obama’s legacy. He is a failed president and the worst this nation has ever had. He should have to carry a tree around to replace the oxygen he wastes by existing. Unfortunately, his ineptitude has consequences for our nation, not just him.

If he were dead set on sticking his tongue in an electrical socket that would be on him and he is the only one who would get hurt. However, he is set on sticking all our tongues in that socket.

I do not want the legacy of this failed moron to be one where Iran delivered a nuclear device to our nation or actually succeeded in wiping out Israel.

I pray that G-d inspires Prime Minister Netanyahu to strike Iran and wipe out all of its nuclear facilities.

I also hope and pray that if Iran ever strikes us with a nuke it hits a convention of liberals where Obama and Kerry are attending with their families.

This deal is bad and will only get worse. Obama is incompetent and he will cause a lot of death and destruction so I hope that the deal falls through before it can be implemented.

Or perhaps, and this is a big perhaps, the Republicans in Congress can grow a spine and halt the entire deal. Like NOT lifting the sanctions that Iran so desperately wants lifted. Ignore Obama and the deal.

So why does Obama trust Iran? Probably because he believes the same things they do. He is working on Death to America and he is working on getting rid of Israel. He trusts them because they are alike…

There are dark days ahead folks and Obama is responsible for them.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Why Does Obama Trust Iran?”

  1. Barbara says:

    OBAMA was raised Muslin, he was educated to be a Muslim, he is one. We with a brain did not vote for him, cause we are not stupid. Evil ,is what he is. He is a FRAUD. He lied, still lies, and John Kerry, is as bad, that is why Obama wanted him as Suckatary of StAte. Hillary f_____d up. His intentions from start was to take down America and Israel. We need to pray God will take care of our problem , which is OBAMA and his Anti America Administration.

  2. john says:

    Obama actually spent about the same amount of time 21/2 years in Indonesia attending a Catholic School as he did attending the Indonesian Public school according to Wiki
    So his actual time in what the right wing call a “madrass” was limited to about 21/2 years
    This “deal” that seems to have outraged some is one that teh former head of military Intelligence in Israel approves.