Why Does Military Suffer These Budget Cuts

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has recommended cutting the military from 520,000 to 450,000. He has also recommended closing some bases in the US and reducing benefits for military members.

Hagel said that after the prolonged wars in Iraq and Afghanistan the planners are not planning on conducting long and large stability operations. Basically, there are no plans to have a big, drawn out conflict.

I hope America’s enemies got this memo because they will not hesitate to fight a long and drawn out war.

Why is it that government, when run by Democrats, cuts the military to solve money problems? Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and now Barack Obama cut our forces. It looks great on paper but when the stuff hits the fan we need boots on the ground. Former Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld was blasted when he said you go to war with the military you have but that is true. It is also true that the military we had when he said it was given to us by Clinton.

How will America respond when some big military event takes place (like say WWIII) and we have to have a draft to get enough people to fight the long protracted war the planners are not planning to conduct?

Why are member of the military having their benefits cut when this nation has many multiples of our military strength on welfare? Why do we not talk about cutting welfare and other social programs? Hell, they could probably make up the defense budget shortfall by getting rid of the Obamaphone program.

If our planners are not planning on a big long war why do we need to cut military bases in the US? We have plenty of military bases in other nations that we can close and save a ton of money. We really don’t need to project our strength forward if we are not going to have big long wars. We can respond to hotspots from bases in the US.

Hagel said the focus will be on protecting the homeland so let’s do it by keeping the bases in our homeland open and closing those bases in other nations.

Let’s cut welfare and ensure our warriors get the benefits they deserve, they earned and that we promised to them.

I agree with the plan to phase out older equipment but when we get rid of aging equipment we need to replace it with modern stuff or we will be severely behind the power curve. When the day comes that we need to go big it will be too late to start modernizing our armed forces.

The military is a necessary part of our country. It is there to protect us and keep us free. Part of that is being big enough and lethal enough to deter those who would attack us. The recommendations of Secretary Hagel weaken us as a nation and that is a position that we cannot and should not tolerate.

Yes, the military is an expensive part of government but it is a small part of the pie. Social welfare programs and unfunded liabilities are multiples of the Defense budget. We get the best bang for our buck (pun intended) with a strong well funded military.

It is much more valuable to the nation than welfare programs and spending programs that are not called for in our Constitution and are not helpful to the nation.

I hope that Congress makes the right decisions or one day in the future we will regret these cuts.


Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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4 Responses to “Why Does Military Suffer These Budget Cuts”

  1. GMF says:

    Though it may be true that the Defense Budget could be trimmed a bit, the LAST thing that should even be considered are the benefits that BELONG to the SOLDIERS and VETERANS that [unlike Politicians] actually EARNED them. The DoD does waste a lot of money, hell I have seen first hand as to how they encourage such waste.

    It is high time to remove the LIFETIME perks the Politicians get for sitting on their asses and dictating to everyone how we should [bite the bullet] live. Term Limits and NO RETIREMENT benefits to any Congressman/woman or Senator AND there will be NO GRANDFATHER CLAUS. This should also reduce the Dynasties that have occurred in our Government.

  2. Barbara Orla says:

    I don’t know, but I suspect that this move is not really to save money, but is another move of Obama to leave us defenseless so he can reign as king. However the Lord is our only King and these idol kings will eventually fall.

  3. Vxnschatzee says:

    Another pathetic attempt at weakening a once-great country. It’s obvious and it’s disgusting. I agree that instead of touching ANY defense spending (which, if I’m not mistaken, is something the Constitution specifically allows our taxes to fund), all social programs should come to a complete halt and not started up again until there is a complete overhaul on how people qualify and receive aid. Yeah, people will be upset. I’d rather all those weighing down the system be ticked than to deprive our soldiers the benefits they earned and rightfully deserve.

    I amso agree with GMF – there is where the money needs to start coming from. Cut all of congress down to a minimal salary, no freebies like cars and parking and transportation, and only ONE paid trip to their home state per year. Everything else should be paid out of their own money just like the rest of us have to do. No more pensions – no more secret service for anyone out of office – no more raises. NOTHING until the country starts showing reawl progress towards paying down this atrocious debt. HOwever, the military needs to be stronger and more powerful than ever given the climate of the world today. So let’s take it from the lamea*** politicians and let the soldiders be.