Why Do We Have Selective ID Requirements?

This video demonstrates the lunacy of claiming voter ID laws keep the poor from voting. It also clearly shows why Democrats oppose such laws. Remember, the lie about the poor (or minorities) not having IDs is the red herring. The real reason is to keep Democrats in power by allowing those who are not allowed to vote to do so. The state has no problem asking for ID for many other things.

In this video we see people going to the polls and using the names of dead people. They are allowed to vote and are told they do not need ID even though many of them ask if they should show one. The people never voted. They said they wanted to go get their IDs and left probably to avoid breaking the law. Democrats love dead voters. And they are not the only ones. One could use the name of any registered voter and vote in that person’s name as demonstrated.

Then the video has the same people trying to buy an alcoholic beverage and being asked for ID. They go into great lengths to express they are too poor to afford an ID and don’t have one and that the poor are being discriminated against with regard to alcohol purchases.

Another portion shows the same person trying to get a hotel room without an ID. The same rant is used but the person is denied.

In this video the people are told they need an ID to get an alcoholic beverage or a hotel room and they are denied because they lack an ID.

In neither case are they breaking the law.

But, when they go to vote they are told they do not need an ID and then proceed to demonstrate how easy it would be to break the law and cast illegal votes.

This is why we need voter ID. And the poor (and minorities) can get IDs. How else do they get hotel rooms or booze (or tobacco products)? Tobacco and alcohol use is higher among the poor (and minorities). How is that so if they don’t have IDs?

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One Response to “Why Do We Have Selective ID Requirements?”

  1. Blake says:

    It is simply ridiculous that anyone could have a hard time getting ID.
    The only reason a person has no ID on their person is to evade the law- as in “I don’t have no ID, Mr. Po-Po, I is too po’.”
    Or, ” No habla englis, Senor Migre-”
    Once again- There is no reason, other than evasion of the law, to have no ID.