Why Do We Bother?

I listened to the President’s inaugural address. It was a very good speech and it touted the virtues of freedom. The speech was full of hope for nations whose leaders oppress them and treat them as property. Yet, we have people in this country who say the speech was some kind of policy change and insist the United States will start invading other countries. I did not hear that in the speech. I heard a message of hope but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

The funny thing is, the left is unhappy that we would want freedom for others. They must think the US has the market cornered and no one else deserves it. They will decry the fact that this nation was once full of slave owners (a practice I personally find abhorable) yet they are comfortable with others in the world living in servitude. The folks around this country who do not like the President are narrow sighted in their views. It is OK to disagree but why make everything bad? It is a bit of stupidity to keep living as if the world is about to end. The Republicans did not cave in and resort to this when Clinton won. We gathered our resources and made a stronger push. The dems can not seem to get that part of life together.

This link is to an article where Bush the elder explains what the speech is about. He had to do that because the left is incapable of understanding these things. It must be the public schooling (indoctrination) they went through.

I think the people out there who are trying to tear this republic apart should reevaluate their lives. They obviously have issues.

Over at Timm’s Shovel Timm has an intersting take on the inauguration. He wonders if it was a swearing in or a swearing at. He cites the soon to be former MSM’s coverage of all the protesters. I recommend you go there and read his take on things. If you want to feel better you can grip the shovel and give it a go-Whap!

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