Why do the Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College?

Evidently, the New York Times had an editorial today calling for an end to the electoral college. For those unfamiliar with the college, it is a process where each state is allotted a certain number of votes based upon its population. 270 of these electoral votes are needed to secure a win in the presidential election. This process is a method to ensure fairness. In other words, if we were to use a straight election where the winner is decided by the popular vote, then the outcome of the elections would be decided by the major cities where the population is the most dense.
By having the electoral college, the founding fathers ensured that the votes of all the citizens of this country would count and affect the outcome. Now, the Democrats and their media wing want the electoral college to be scrapped in favor of a popular vote. Why is this? Well, the Democrats have long preached that they believe in fairness and that each person should have a fair chance. This is their basis for affirmative action and many other programs they espouse to give everyone a fair chance. Unfortunately, they only believe in fairness as long as it fits their agenda. You see, they know that the majority of the country votes for conservative candidates. It is a very small part of the country that votes for them and their ideas. The problem is that these small areas of the country are the most densly packed population wise. So the Dems want to have a small portion of the country decide for everyone else in the country.
I would say that if they want to scrap the electoral college as it currently exists they should give one electoral vote to every county in the United States. The county could then cast its vote and the candidate with the most votes wins. Of course, they will not buy this because as I have pointed out, the country is overwhelmingly conservative and would always select a conservative candidate.
Look at all the noise the Democrats made about Gore winning the popular vote but losing the electoral vote and thereby losing the presidency. Well, I say that if you look at a county-by-county map you will see that George W. Bush won a majority of this country.
So when you are out and about and you hear people decry the electoral college inform them that this process ensures fairness. Let them know that it gives us an even playing field that the Democrats do not want us to have.

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