Why Did Obama Come Out Of The Closet?

Barack Obama announced his support for gay marriage yesterday after his hand was “forced” by his gaffe prone VP, Joe Biden. Over the weekend Biden expressed support for gay marriage and the media frenzy began until Obama was “forced” to address the issue.

Obama claims his opinion on the issue has evolved and that discussions with gay people, his wife and children helped him evolve on the issue. While it might be true that he spoke with them about the issue it had nothing to do with evolving.

Obama has always supported gay marriage. Actually, he has said he does and that he doesn’t and that he does. It all depended on the time and the audience. Rather than evolving it would be more accurate to say Obama’s opinion has been revolving because he keeps going round and round on it.

Obama has always supported gay marriage. He just has not always voiced that support.

In fact, the announcement of this evolution is something that has been ongoing as he and his aides discussed whether he should announce it or not before the election (more flexibility after) and if before, when would be the best time politically? Obama wanted the announcement to provide the biggest bang for the buck, so to speak.

In just 90 minutes after his announcement he received a million dollars in donation from the gay activists. Of course, the obligatory fundraising email went out last night.

Obama is an opportunist. He planned on “evolving” all along but wanted to wait until after the election. He is in a tough fight so he wanted to get the gay community and his liberal base back in the fight. The African American community is strongly against gay marriage but Obama has little to worry about as many will vote Democrat no matter what and many who don’t vote or like his positions will go out and vote for him just because he is black. That is a fact that many blacks have already made public. There are some who question whether Obama will get that support though.

Obama risks losing more of the Independent voters who are not in favor of gay marriage. Obama risks losing those in the majority of states that have already rejected gay marriage.

This is all a political stunt. Obama has always believed in gay marriage. He knows that gay issues (like marriage) are part of the tactics used to brainwash a nation and make it Communist.

He wants this to happen but he wanted to wait until after the election and he would have had Biden not opened his mouth.

Obama, always the politician, has left himself some wiggle room. He announced that he is in favor of gay marriage BUT that he supports the concept of states deciding the issue.

He can pander to his base for votes and cash while making the blatantly obvious point that this IS a state’s rights issue.

Then again so was abortion before the federal government involved itself.

Obama would love nothing more than for a court to decide that gay marriage is a federal issue and conjure up a right out of thin air like it did with abortion. He would love for a court to say that all states have to honor the marriage of a gay couple that was legally performed in a state that allows it. It would be his way of using the backdoor (pun intended) to get gay marriage in all states.

Funny, Obama would oppose any legislation that would allow a concealed carry permit to be recognized in all states.

For now though, he will have to be content to state his support of an issue that he cannot possibly affect because, as he said, it is an issue that is up to each state.

Pandering at its finest.

And the gays will swallow this hook, line, and sinker…

The Washington Post has a good editorial.

As for me, I don’t have anything against gay people. I have an issue with the attempt to redefine marriage. And let us remember, there is no right to marry…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Why Did Obama Come Out Of The Closet?”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    I agree with your blog completely Big Dog. Obama will pull anything he can whenever he can to get re-elected. What he is blinded to is that going against God is pulling God’s umbrella of protection off of America and America is going to be strictly judged. He and his family are not going to be safer than anyone else as this happens. I also like the person who is gay, but absolutely hate the sin and what it is doing to America. I wonder what Obama’s reaction will be if one of his daughters comes home and says they are gay? Actually government should have no control over marriage as it was not created by man, but by God. Therefore we are to follow God’s rules.