Why Did Democrats Raise Gas Prices?

Last Summer, prior to the mid-term elections, Democrats were out in full force discussing gasoline prices that were nearing, and in some case, above $3.00 a gallon. Idiots like Harry Reid blamed those prices on our dependence on oil and the oil companies gouging consumers. How can they be making such record profits while people are suffering? Harry said that part of the problem was that oil companies were not expanding their refining capacity, as if they can. Reid and other idiots like him will not allow new refineries to be built so who exactly is causing the problem?

Reid, Pelosi and an endless stream of Democrats drove a few blocks from the Capitol, left their cars running near by and gave speeches under gas station price signs. They all blamed George Bush and his foreign policy, his being in bed with big oil and everything from Katrina to racism in order to pin high oil (and thus gas) prices on him and the Republicans. The majority is to blame for the high cost of gasoline because all the evil Republicans are in bed with big oil. Vote for us and you will have lower gas prices and we will end the war (George Bush’s war that we voted for).

Here it is, a year later and now the Democrats are in charge. The price of gasoline is a dollar higher than it was a year ago (in some places) and is as high or higher in others. The Democrats have raised the price of gasoline after they promised that if they were the majority they would lower gas prices. If the Republicans were responsible when they were the majority then the Democrats are responsible now that they hold that honor. We will not allow the donks to have it both ways in the Dog’s house. They are responsible because they promised to lower the prices when they were elected and they raised them instead. It is not President Bush’s fault; he has not vetoed any Democratic bill that deals with energy, just a pork laden funding bill for the war that contained provisions for usurping the President’s authority.

Let us just assume, for the sake of argument, that the Republicans and our President are responsible for the gas prices. They are not but let us pretend. Why are the Democrats not out at gas stations crying about the cost of gas and telling everyone how unfair it is? Is it because they already got your vote and don’t need anything from the sheeple this year? The donks have been breaking one campaign promise after another so why think they would keep their promise to lower the cost of gas? They lied out there on those hot Summer days when they told everyone that the other guy was responsible and that they would fix it. They new that the global market decides the cost of gas and that the only things that can be done here to help out are lower gas taxes, discontinue boutique blends, and build more refineries. None of these things are on the table for the Democrats so the cost of gas will not go down because of anything a Democrat does.

I stated last year, when these idiots were making the ridiculous claims, that no party is responsible for the price of gas. I still believe that because it is correct but, given that Democrats were so willing to place the blame on the Republicans when they held the majority it is only fitting to hold these donks to the very same standard. Since it was the fault of the Republicans when they were in the majority it is the Democrats’ fault now that they are in charge.

So again I ask, where are the Democrats who stood on street corners last year? Why are they not fixing the price of gas instead of raising it? Why are they not out at gas stations telling us that they screwed us (like they did with the Republicans)? The Democrats in office already know the real story. They played politics with the issue, an issue that no one can fix as evidenced on their impotence with regard to the issue.

They also knew that there are enough stupid people in this country that a lie will help them win. Wake up America, before it is too late. Democrats will do anything to win and they want to destroy this country.

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