Why Democrats Disenfranchise The Military

I wrote earlier about how the military (those members serving away from home) gets screwed during the elections when their votes are deliberately not counted. The men and women who defend this country and guarantee all the rest of us the right to vote and ensure we do it safely are routinely left out of the process. Earlier this year Barack Obama said that he would work to gain their trust and support. He wants them to know that he, with little leadership experience and no military experience, will be a better commander in chief than a decorated war hero like John McCain. Just ask Barack and he will tell you he is better qualified to lead our men and women in uniform.

The reason that Democrats work very hard to exclude the military vote is quite simple. Members of the military overwhelmingly support the Republican candidate. This video shows the results of a Military Times poll and the numbers are devastating for Obama.

This might explain why Fairfax Virginia is considering illegally suppressing the military vote. The Fairfax County Registrar (and possibly registrars in other localities) is rejecting Federal Write In Ballots that members of the military used if they were unable to get an absentee ballot. The FWAB is a safety net in case military members and their family members do not get absentee ballots but the registrar is placing restrictions on the ballots that violate federal law.

The ballots have not yet been rejected, they have been segregated while a decision is made. Seems to me that decision will be made when the regular ballots are counted. If the military vote could hurt their candidate then Democrats will fight to keep them from being counted. If the Democrat has a comfortable lead then the military vote will be graciously accepted.

This happens every election cycle and in places like Florida and Pennsylvania it is blatant and wrong. The members of the military deserve to have their votes counted and registrars should not be excluding them for bogus rules especially rules that violate federal law.

One nice thing is that a lot of these military folks are coming home and running for office. Many of them appeal to the people of their communities. With any luck, the Congress will be filled with genuine heroes who actually know how to accomplish something and are not afraid of working for a living.

Just look at Jack Murtha. He might get upset by Army Veteran William Russell.

Now that would be sweet.

Big Dog salute to Covertress.

Big Dog

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8 Responses to “Why Democrats Disenfranchise The Military”

  1. Adam says:

    Getting ballots overseas is a huge problem not just for the military but for all Americans overseas. This is of course made most apparent when the folks defending our nation have trouble engaging in the most basic and essential part of our system of government. A letter writing campaign maybe be a good start to our local folks to try and make this a bigger issue. Not sure where to turn after that…

  2. I live in the district next to Murtha’s. I’ve been donating to, and communicating with, the Russell Brigade for months. I’ve also been telling people that it’s much more than getting rid of Murtha. It’s about Bill Russell. He’s a good man, and we need more like him in the party.

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  4. 3Pisces says:

    How do you make sure that these people who have cast their ballots early won’t vote again. How do you make sure when ACORN submitted hundreds of fraudulent voter registration applications. Beware about this advance voting. This same people could cross the states and vote again. Any safe measures to check the voters? Like fingerprint, present their social security number. Yet they would disenfranchise the military. Shame on them. The people who are sacrificing to make this country safe have more right to chose who they want to run this country.

  5. David Kirk says:

    Thanks for the heads-up on William Russell. I have explored his site and though it is late in the campaign I plan to donate. Not just because Murtha is an idiot and has got to go but because it sounds like Lt Col Russell is the real deal.

  6. Kim Spinney says:

    The DEMS are afraid of anyone who is willing to fight. That’s why the only people they will fight are babies who can’t defend themselves. You can look at anyone and detect their weakness and that they are DEMS. That’s because they don’t have a spine.

  7. brian r gage says:

    Big dog; How can your state continue the national election in your state, when Just from ACORN you have 200,000 suspect registrations. Your courts don’t seem to want to do anything about this fraud. One would have to assume that others states within which ACORN is operating also has many “suspect” registered voters.

  8. Jazzi says:

    Uh, I hate to raise this, but isn’t Murtha a veteran, too? If so, it’s really not about supporting veterans. Nice argument trying to make this about the veterans, but it’s really just anti-Dem. Nice try, though.