Why Can’t They Play Like This All The Time?

I received emails from the DNC and the RNC with regard to the disaster down in the Gulf. Neither communication is partisan and neither lays blame upon any individual or organization. These are simply requests that everyone donate time or money (or both) to the Red Cross as part of the relief effort. These are the requests:


Hurricane Katrina has passed and now the people of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama must begin the process of rebuilding. Our thoughts are with those who were affected by this powerful storm. During times like these, there is no room for politics and partisanship. This is a time when we all come together to help our neighbors.

Due to the size of this storm and the area of impact, the cost for recovery will be staggering. For that reason, we are asking you, our supporters, to make a donation to hurricane relief efforts. The American Red Cross and the Salvation Army provide shelter, food, water, blankets and clothing to those who have lost everything.

We appreciate your willingness to help these groups. Your generosity will help the people impacted by the storm begin the process of rising up and recovering from this disaster.

Thanks for all you do.


This week millions of Americans fled Hurricane Katrina. Across the South families abandoned their homes and businesses, not knowing what would be there when they returned.

Many stayed behind and suffered devastating loss and injuries — nearly a hundred have died that we know of, and hundreds of thousands need our help.

America is at its best when we realize that we are one community — that we’re all in this together. That means that each one of us has the responsibility to do what we can to help the relief effort.

The Red Cross is a great place to start:


They are already moving people and resources into the region to help. Donations will provide clean water, food, and shelter for disaster victims. The Red Cross web site also has important information for victims and their relatives across the country.

These were edited only to remove personal information about me and some of their disclaimer and link information. As you can see, they both are generally about the same thing and make the same request. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could play this way all the time? Instead of coming out and calling each other names and being nasty they could tell us what they believe and why the other guy is wrong. Unfortunately, after this disaster passes it will be fun and games as usual.

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One Response to “Why Can’t They Play Like This All The Time?”

  1. Surfside says:

    The e-mail you got from the DNC may have been benign, but the Web site is not. There blame Condi Rice for not cutting short her New York trip. They’re condemning the President’s trip to the hurricane ravaged area as being “the worst photo op ever.” And, they’re condemning his use of helicopters as a “backdrop” when they could be out saving people. They are also condemning FEMA’s Michael Brown for “blaming the victims” by saying these people should have evacuated when they were told to do so. Sounds like common sense to me and something we want to drill into people for future evacuation situations. Yes, it’s full of blood for the Pary faithfuls.

    Notably,they have ignored the enormous culpability of Louisiana’s Democratic Governor Blanco. Her claim to the governorship, by the way, was that she had been in charge of Tourism as the Lieutenant Governor. Not much help in emergency situations. She didn’t even take control of the school buses until five days after Katrina hit. Her web site press releases tell all.