Why Can’t Democrats Vote Without Problems?

Everyone remembers the 2000 Presidential election. That was the year two phrases became a regular part of everyday speech; hanging chads and disenfranchised voter. Until that election a hanging chad was likely something one would see in a bad porno movie and most people, especially those who were products of public education, did not know what disenfranchise was. The word was even used incorrectly to describe what happened to voters who were, in fact, not “deprived of the right to vote.” The truth, though seldom discussed, is that many Democrats were just not able to figure out how to vote.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a growing problem with Democrats who would rather scream “voter fraud” and “disenfranchised” than actually learn what they are supposed to do to accomplish a task so important to a free society. I personally find it difficult to believe that an elderly lady who can play fifty Bingo cards and never miss a number or a person who can operate all the gizmos in a cell phone can not figure out chads and touch-screen voting machines.

The state of Maryland held its Primary yesterday and there were, you guessed it, problems. As in Florida in 2000, these problems only occurred in heavily Democratic parts of the state. The problems ranged from sites not having all the necessary items to open the polls to election judges not showing up. Immediately, the Maryland Democratic Party blamed the Republican Governor and the news reported that Republican judges had refused to show up “in mass.” Callers to local talk shows refuted this claim and told a very different story. The Democratic judges failed to show and this delayed opening the machines for voting forcing some sites to ask voters to come back later.

The state did not just start planning for this election last week. It has had several years to prepare and, except in the heavily Democratic areas of Montgomery County and Baltimore City, things went off with few glitches. Of course, as with anything of this magnitude, there were minor problems but they were taken care of and the show went on. The two subdivisions affected filed for an extension of the voting hours. This request was approved and they closed at 9 pm instead of 8.

In the overall scheme of things it would appear as if Democrats go tot he polls expecting problems. They have become so accustomed to it that even those who prepare for the elections mess it up. Is this an indication of some evil Republican plot to, dare I say it, disenfranchise voters? Of course not! More likely, Democrats have been told for so long that they are messed with when they vote that they actually believe it. They are so convinced that things are stacked against them that when something small happens they throw their hands up in despair and claim fraud. Not only have they been programmed to believe in voter fraud directed at them but their dependence on government has left them totally incapable of finding a solution to minor problems so they throw their hands up, claim victim status, and wait for someone from the government to come help them.

It is unfortunate but elections sometimes have problems. Life itself is full of problems that challenge us each and everyday. The true measure of our character is the way in which we handle those challenges. The Democrat’s reaction to election problems is a reflection of the character of the Democratic Party and of those who lead it. Sadly, the character we have seen is not one of which most would be proud.

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3 Responses to “Why Can’t Democrats Vote Without Problems?”

  1. On Not Eating Ones Own Left Foot For Dinner…

    This is not a game, and if the power of those offices falls into the hands of those two Democrats, their positions on matters such as the War in Iraq, missile defence, and matters pertaining to the particularly American sense of the meaning of liberty,…

  2. Seth says:

    Heh, this explains why, when I still lived in San Francisco, they went over to a system where you used a pencil to connect a line beside your voting choices, then feed the ballot sheet into a machine.

    Even a Bay Area liberal can figure that one out {I think}.

  3. Idiot des Tages…

    Well, other than David Gregory, is courtesy of Florida Masochist